Shandong fire held professional skills competition

The fourth Shandong Province fire professional skills competition was held in Linyi City on June 23, with more than 160 participants from 17 cities in Shandong Province

it is understood that there are five competition events in this contest, including fire hazard investigation of buildings (structures), fire monitoring and fire linkage, fire extinguishing device maintenance and management, fire rescue, and emergency rescue of dangerous corrosive substances. There are initial fire disposal, fire control room operation, fire safety inspection, fire facilities maintenance and troubleshooting, evacuation materials to save people, fire prevention and control room operation, fire safety inspection, fire fighting equipment maintenance and troubleshooting, and fire rescue Toxic gas leakage disposal and other 20 items cover the key links and important nodes of daily fire protection work of social units and all aspects of basic skills of fire protection practitioners, which are highly targeted and practical

it is reported that the Shandong fire professional skills competition has been held for three times, which is the highest level of skills competition in the fire industry in Shandong Province. The participants of this contest are not limited to age and education. All fire professionals with fire professional qualification certificate can participate in the contest, covering a wide range. 1n addition to the establishment of 17 teams in each city, social organizations and industries are encouraged to form teams to participate in the competition for the first time. Large enterprises, universities or organizations with participants in Shandong Province can apply to the competition organizing committee of Shandong Province

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