Shandong Gaomi shoes labor insurance industry is developing rapidly

The shoemaking labor protection industry is a traditional advantageous industry in Gaomi. The enterprises are mainly concentrated in the development zones. 1t has become a production base of labor protection articles with sales share of about 1 / 3 of the country. There are more than 300 enterprises and more than 10000 employees; 1t has formed two major product systems with labor protection gloves and labor protection shoes as the main products. The annual output of labor protection gloves is more than 2 billion pairs, the annual output of labor protection shoes is nearly 100 million pairs, and the annual sales revenue is about 5 billion yuan

after years of development, the labor insurance industry has formed a scale, but the aging equipment and single variety have also become the bottleneck restricting the sustainable development of the industry. 1n recent years, especially since last year, many labor insurance enterprises have begun to actively seek countermeasures, and formulated and implemented new measures such as strengthening technical transformation, expanding production scale, and strengthening brand building. This year, Xingyu labor insurance plans to invest more than 10 million yuan to build three production workshops with an area of more than 20000 square meters, and new disposable nitrile and other new products, so as to lay the foundation for achieving the target of another 30% increase in sales revenue; Gangsheng labor insurance plans to invest more than 10 million yuan to build new factories, introduce new equipment and develop new products, so as to double the output and realize new development by upgrading the grade and expanding the scale; Dengsheng, xinruida, Fusheng labor insurance and other enterprises have also made new measures in introducing equipment and developing new products

in order to promote the transformation of enterprises as soon as possible, the municipal labor insurance industry association has strengthened the guidance and coordination for enterprises through information exchange, organization observation and other measures. The association will seize the opportunity to carry out the promotion of 100 enterprises in our city, establish the concept of group development, promote the sharing of information technology and resources, and improve the market competitiveness and influence through regular learning, observation, exchange and discussion. At the same time, actively guide industry enterprises to increase investment in technology research and development, improve product grade and added value, promote the transformation of the entire industrial cluster, win the market with innovation and enhance competitiveness

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