Shandong issued the standard of labor protection articles and put forward four requirements

in order to guide the employing units to reasonably equip and correctly use labor protection articles and protect the safety and health of workers in the production process, Shandong Province issued the standard for the allocation of labor protection articles in Shandong Province (DB37 / 1922-2011), which has been implemented since October 1, 2011. The standard has made four mandatory requirements for the equipment of labor protection articles< The first is the selection requirements. The type and configuration of labor protection articles are specified in the standard. The self-priming filter type gas mask should be selected according to the types of poisons that the operators may be exposed to, and equipped with the corresponding filter tank (box); The labor protection gloves should be configured according to the actual needs of the employees to prevent stabbing, cutting, grinding, burning, scalding, freezing, electric shock, corrosion, toxicity, immersion and other injuries in the operation; For workplaces where objects may fall or hit, safety helmets must be worn, and other forms of protective helmets are not allowed to replace them; According to the intensity of noise in the workplace, corresponding ear protectors should be provided; Anti impact eye protectors must be worn for the workers whose eyes may be injured by splashing of iron chips and other debris; Personnel engaged in work at height must be equipped with safety belts, safety nets and other corresponding fall protection articles according to regulations; Gauze masks shall not be used as dust masks< The second is the system requirement. The employing unit shall arrange special funds for the provision of labor protection articles, and shall not substitute currency or other articles for the provision of labor protection articles; The employer shall establish and improve the management system for the purchase, acceptance, storage, distribution, use and scrapping of labor protection articles. The purchased labor protection articles must be inspected and accepted by the work safety technology department or management personnel of the unit; 1t is strictly forbidden to purchase, issue or use labor protection articles without license, beyond the service life or fake and inferior; The State implements the management of safety signs for special labor protection articles< The third is the requirement of service life. When the labor protection articles are damaged or cannot protect the safety of the wearer due to the reduction of protection performance, they should be replaced with new labor protection articles; The service life of multi-functional combination of labor protection articles is generally determined according to the lowest one; This standard is the minimum standard for the types, functions and service life of labor protection articles for employees of relevant types of work. According to the actual situation that the working conditions of the same type of work in different industries are not the same, the employer may issue additional protection articles or shorten the service life appropriately as needed the fourth is the requirements of inspection, supervision and punishment. The employing unit shall supervise and inspect the employees to correctly wear and use labor protection articles. The safety supervision department and the employing unit are responsible for the supervision and inspection of the allocation of labor protection articles. The coal mine safety supervision organization shall supervise the use of labor protection articles of coal mining enterprises in the supervision area; Violations of laws, regulations, rules and standards related to the administration of labor protection articles shall be investigated and dealt with in accordance with the provisions on the supervision and administration of labor protection articles (MA Jinling)

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