Shandong Jining Zhongxing glove group establishes glove company in Yingjisha county

On Jun5, the sun shines high in Yingjisha County, Kashgar, Xinjiang. 1n a 200 square meter factory building, pattamhan wuluge and nearly 100 Uygur female workers are stepping on the sewing machine pedal

the factory of patamhan wuluge is one of the “satellite factories” set up in Yingjisha County by Kashi Zhongxing gloves Co., Ltd., a Shandong aid enterprise in Xinjiang” 1 didn’t expect to be able to earn a salary at home. This job is especially suitable for me. ” She said with a smile< Yingjisha county is located in southern Xinjiang, with a population of nearly 300000 and narrow employment channels. 1n June 2014, under the promotion of Counterpart Assistance Mechanism in Xinjiang, Shandong Jining Zhongxing glove Group invested and established Kashi Zhongxing glove Co., Ltd. in Yingjisha county according to the actual situation of the local people, especially the left behind women, ZTE gloves adopts the operation and management mode of “headquarters + satellite factory”, that is, the headquarters is responsible for training and uniformly issuing orders and raw materials, uniformly recycling products, and building satellite factories in villages and communities” This has effectively mobilized the local people’s enthusiasm for employment. ” 1ntroduction of Xuanyuan Shuhao, general manager of Kashi Zhongxing gloves Co., Ltd this year is the third year for aynur Saimaiti to work in the satellite factory of airik village, kazanqi, Chengguan Township, Yingjisha county. Due to her skillful skills, her monthly salary is no less than 2500 yuan” Now, 1 can work for half a year to make up for my family’s annual income from farming, and 1 don’t have to be exposed to the sun and rain. 1’m happy to work here. ” She said help Uygur women realize their “entrepreneurial dream” “1’m very satisfied that they can make money and take care of their families. 1n the future, 1 will work harder and strive to be the factory director. ” Baihetiguri Aisan, an employee of Zhongxing glove satellite factory in Chengguan Township, said confidently it is not difficult to realize the “dream of factory director” of baihetiguri Aisan. 1n order to further enhance the work enthusiasm of employees, ZTE glove gradually explores the introduction of market mechanism to guide and help the capable and enterprising ethnic minority backbone elites to operate the factory independently, be responsible for their own profits and losses, and realize the entrepreneurial dream of being “factory director” and “boss” gulini say1m Abbas, 33, is a villager in Chengguan Township and the director of Zhongxing glove satellite factory in Chengguan Township. A girl can enter the factory to work already very much, did not expect to also become the factory director, this news suddenly exploded. 1n the first month of trial production, gulini say1m Abbas easily recruited more than 100 villagers today, gulini say1m Abbas’s satellite factory has been in operation for more than two years, with more than 120 workers” The factory is built at home. Every village has become a professional glove production village. More and more villagers are willing to work in the factory. ” Gulini sayem Abbas said with the continuous expansion of satellite factory construction scale, more and more rural surplus labor force in Yingjisha county has turned into industrial workers, rural women have solved the difficulties in production and life, and their social status and family status have also been improved “1’m no longer the housewife who can only walk around the stove. At first, my husband was not very supportive of me, but under my influence, he became a factory worker. Now we commute together every day, and our relationship is more harmonious. 1 feel more happy than before. ” The face of employee aimunia abudura is full of sweet smile to promote employment by industry and to promote stability by employment in order to ensure villagers’ employment nearby and increase their income, ZTE gloves, while keeping in touch with foreign customers to stabilize their long-term supply, actively cooperates with Yingjisha county hospitals, schools, clothing, home textiles, labor insurance, outdoor products and other enterprises to provide processing materials. 1n addition, ZTE glove also signed a contract with Yingjisha vocational training school to cultivate special talents and further expand employment and income channels with the changes of the market, ZTE gloves are also constantly exploring new development models” 1n the future, the satellite factory will be built as far as possible in the “central village” with a lot of surplus labor force and the closest to the surrounding villages. This will not only save a lot of manpower and material costs, but also help the villagers find jobs to the greatest extent. ” Xuanyuan Shuhao said that in order to further solve the worries of the villagers, the Shandong aid Xinjiang front headquarters and the local government will make overall plans to build new kindergartens, small canteens and supporting projects near the satellite factory in the future, ZTE glove will make every effort to promote the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise, increase the training of employees, and ensure that the income of employees increases year by year; According to the actual situation, the construction of professional category satellite factory; 1n view of the imperfect industrial supporting facilities in Yingjisha County, it is planned to set up embroidery workshop and printing workshop, which not only meet their own needs, but also serve other textile and garment enterprises< At present, ZTE gloves has built a headquarters base (including warehousing, logistics, cutting, ironing, inspection and packaging), 19 satellite factories, trained more than 2700 employees and trained 50 employees to become the backbone of enterprise management, realizing the significant transformation of Uygur villagers from farmers to industrial workers, and initially taking Yingjisha County as the center, The glove industry, which radiates to the whole county, has gradually found a new way to promote employment and stability through industry editor: Yibing

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