Shandong: local standard of labor protection gloves passed

Recently, the local standard review meeting of natural color knitted labor protection gloves was held in Jinan. The experts attending the meeting listened to the drafting unit’s report on the preparation of the standard and reviewed the standard item by item. They agreed that the standard met the requirements of current national laws and regulations and mandatory standards, with complete structure, standardized format and strong operability, Agreed to pass the review

the standard is compiled in accordance with the provisions of GB / t1.1-2009. 1t was proposed by the labor protection glove industry association of Zhongcun Town, Pingyi County. 1t was jointly drafted by Linyi Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision, Pingyi County Bureau of quality and technical supervision and labor protection glove industry association. Many glove enterprises, such as Pingyi Jinfeng and Fuyuan, actively participated in the revision and promulgation of the standard on the basis of glove enterprise alliance, The standard mainly stipulates the product size, quality, marking, packaging, transportation, storage requirements, test methods and inspection rules. The introduction of the standard has a breakthrough significance for the development of labor protection glove industry in Zhongcun town and even the whole county. 1t will promote the whole cotton textile glove industry to achieve standardized, healthy and orderly competition, and promote the glove industry to achieve standardization, scale and standardization With the development of agglomeration, Zhongcun town is further called the “famous town of labor protection gloves in China”

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