Shandong: more than 1000 new cases of occupational diseases occur every year

On June 30, at the media communication meeting of Shandong Center for Disease Control and prevention, Kong Fanling, director of the 1nstitute of occupational and environmental health monitoring and evaluation of Shandong Center for Disease Control and prevention, revealed that over the past decade, the number of new cases of occupational diseases in Shandong Province has been more than 1000 every year

occupation disease incidence rate is high in China. The occupation disease occupation is large, the incidence rate is high, the economic loss is large, and the influence is bad. Occupational health problems have become public health problems and social problems which seriously affect social stability. According to the circular issued by the national health and Family Planning Commission on June 30, 26393 cases of occupational diseases were reported in China in 2013. From the perspective of industry distribution, the number of occupational disease cases in coal, non-ferrous metals, machinery and construction industries was more, accounting for 73.53% of the total reported. Among various occupational diseases, pneumoconiosis accounted for 87.72% of the total reported cases of occupational diseases in 2013

“the most difficult thing for occupational disease prevention and control knowledge training is to improve the safety protection awareness of all groups.” Sui Shaofeng, deputy director of the 1nstitute of occupational and environmental health monitoring and evaluation of the provincial CDC, who has participated in health education activities in enterprises for many times, said that at present, the occupational health status of a considerable number of factories and mines is worrying; Some front-line employees of enterprises and a large number of rural migrant workers do not understand all kinds of occupational hazards, and the working environment is poor; Many small and medium-sized enterprises do not provide workers with occupational health protection measures in line with the provisions, and serious occupational disease incidents occur every year. 1t is urgent to strengthen occupational protection and improve the health level of workers

“to curb the high incidence of occupational diseases, the most important work is to make employees have the awareness of occupational hazards protection. When enterprises carry out occupational hazard protection, employees can actively cooperate. When an enterprise violates laws and regulations, its employees shall report to the work safety supervision department in time. ” Zhou Jingyang, deputy director of the provincial CDC, believes that only through the work of the CDC department, the impact is small. 1t is the key for the society to form a joint force and give full play to the role of employees

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