Shanghai: 3013 hidden dangers in New Year’s day’s “zero action”

On the night before New Year’s day, Shanghai carried out the “zero point” inspection on New Year’s day to investigate and control fire hazards and ensure the city’s fire safety during New Year’s day. The night of the operation, the city’s public security, fire and railway, airport, water, cultural and Social Security Bureau and other departments participated

at 19:00 on the same day, inspectors came to Xujiahui business district. Many shopping malls extended their business hours due to the festival. The “600” shopping mall was open until 0:00 the next day, and every floor of the mall was full of customers. 1nspectors found that on the second floor of the mall, the start button of the rolling shutter door used for the fire compartment was blocked by billboards, and an aisle shop placed the business cabinet under the fire hydrant, and was ordered to rectify on the spot

at 20:00 on the same day, the inspection team came to Aizai sports bar, 191 Hengshan Road. All the door closers of the two escape doors were damaged and they will face administrative punishment. 1n addition, in a corner warehouse on the second floor of the bar, there is a liquefied gas heater for outdoor heating only. The 15kg steel cylinder is full of liquefied gas, and the connecting hose is hanging on the ground. The inspectors asked to move out immediately. 1n the warehouse of the office area on the third floor, the wires are exposed without tubes, and the flammable holiday decorations are placed next to it. 1t only needs a little spark to ignite the fire

during the “zero point” operation on New Year’s day, the public security organs dispatched 945 inspection teams and 2153 people, inspected 2767 units, supervised the rectification of 3013 fire hazards, temporarily sealed up 2 units, ordered 1 “three stops” unit and fined 90000 yuan. 1n addition, during the “zero point” raid on Christmas Eve, the Shanghai fire department inspected 3052 units, supervised the reform of 3637 fire disasters, temporarily sealed up three units, ordered two “three stops” and fined 120000 yuan

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