Shanghai Administration of work safety actively promotes informatization construction of work safety

Since the third quarter, Shanghai Municipal Bureau of work safety has actively promoted the informatization construction of work safety, focusing on four tasks

the first is to promote the online approval of the qualification license of professional service institutions of work safety, and develop the qualification approval system of class B work safety testing and inspection institutions, occupational health technical service institutions and safety evaluation institutions< The second is to organize and carry out the project approval of "comprehensive supervision project of hazardous chemicals - Shanghai comprehensive information system of work safety (phase 11)"; Entrusted by the municipal development and Reform Commission, Shanghai 1nvestment Consulting Co., Ltd. organized the second phase project expert review meeting and formed expert opinions the third is to integrate and optimize the “three simultaneous” administrative examination and approval system of occupational health and hazardous chemical safety and the “hazardous chemical business license” system, and adjust and improve the functions of license preparation and rectification in the system; To organize the research and development of the “three simultaneous” administrative approval information system for occupational health and hazardous chemicals, and form the basic framework< The fourth is to deepen the construction of safety production credit system. By optimizing the system functions and strengthening the query function of the dynamic information of the safety production credit platform, the full coverage of qualification and supervision credit information such as the basic information, qualification, personnel training, illegal behavior, responsibility accident records of the management counterpart is realized, and the organic integration of credit data and safety production supervision business is promoted; The work safety supervision business platform will be initially built to standardize the work flow and law enforcement documents of law enforcement inspection, strengthen the function of law enforcement inspection information statistics and analysis, and realize the timely update of administrative law enforcement dynamic data and the timely collection of work safety credit static data China labor insurance net

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