Shanghai Administration of work safety deepens the infrastructure construction of work safety

Since the beginning of this year, the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of work safety has taken a number of measures to comprehensively deepen the infrastructure construction of work safety< First, strengthen the administrative law enforcement. 1n the first five months of this year, 125519 inspections and 92039 production and business units were organized by safety supervision departments at all levels in the city; 284 administrative punishments were imposed, of which 255 were fined, with the amount of 10.535 million yuan the second is to further promote the investigation and treatment of potential accidents. 1n the first five months of this year, we organized all levels of safety supervision departments to investigate and deal with 89204 hidden dangers, and actually completed 84548 rectification, with a rectification rate of 94.78%; The annual supervision and treatment plan for major potential accidents at the municipal level was formulated, and “3 + 1” potential accidents such as “treatment project for illegal occupation of long-distance pipelines along Daye highway” were included in the municipal supervision and treatment project for potential accidents in 2014 and the key coordination and promotion project. At present, all the work is being carried out in an orderly manner the third is to continue to strengthen the construction of safety production standardization. Formulate and print the “notice on promoting the construction of safety production standardization of enterprises in the industry and trade industry in 2014”, “notice on promoting the construction of safety production standardization of hazardous chemicals practitioners in 2014” and other documents, and comprehensively deploy the annual tasks of promoting the construction of safety production standardization of enterprises; Through public bidding, we can determine the organizations that can evaluate the business in the whole city, give full play to the main channel role of the Municipal Work Safety Association in serving enterprises, and provide technical support and guidance services for enterprises to carry out standardization construction; Strengthen the training of self-assessment personnel for standardization construction of industry, trade and hazardous chemicals enterprises. As of June 17, 85 training sessions were organized, with 9532 people trained; 1t has organized the formulation of the basic requirements for safety production standardization of small enterprises, which has passed the expert review organized by the Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision< The fourth is to actively promote safe production into buildings. Promote the pilot experience of Jing'an District, focus on promoting the standardization and standardization of commercial building safety management, study and formulate measures and methods of commercial building safety management, explore and establish a new mechanism and mode of building safety management with "clear safety responsibility, refined safety management, diversified safety culture and grid safety supervision", so as to further consolidate the foundation of urban operation safety fifthly, the responsibility for the accident should be strictly investigated. 1n the first five months of this year, we organized the safety supervision department of the whole city to investigate and deal with 83 production safety accidents, and 63 cases have been closed (the rest accidents are being investigated and dealt with according to law). 1t is suggested that 2 people should be given party discipline punishment, 8 people should be transferred to investigate criminal responsibility, and 7.6721 million yuan should be fined to the unit responsible for the accident and the relevant main responsible person sixthly, continuously improve the ability of emergency rescue. Organize emergency plan drills, emergency knowledge publicity, emergency skills training and other activities, strengthen the emergency knowledge training of front-line employees of production and business units, strengthen the basis of emergency management of production safety, continuously improve the ability of emergency rescue, and build the last line of defense for production safety accident prevention and emergency disposal< The seventh is to actively cultivate safety culture. Focusing on the spirit of the speech of general secretary Xi Jinping's safety production series and implementing the strategy of safety development, the theme of "strengthening red line consciousness and promoting safety development" is centered on the three themes of "city responsibility shoulder", "city can not forget" and "city beauty home". Enhance safety literacy, promote safety culture, and create a social atmosphere conducive to safety production; Continue to carry out the municipal government's practical project of "300000 migrant workers safety training" and "3 + 1 personnel" (special operation personnel, person in charge of production and business units, safety production management personnel and professional and technical personnel of occupational health technical service institutions) safety training; Make full use of radio, television, newspapers, mobile media, outdoor advertising, websites, microblogs and other media to broadcast public service advertisements for work safety, and increase public service publicity for work safety copyright notice: This article is reproduced by 1nternet media, only representing the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with this website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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