Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission: 17 masks, 2 not up to standard

Recently, Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission purchased 17 samples of masks, including 2 samples from physical stores and 15 samples from online stores. Shanghai labor protection products quality supervision and inspection station was entrusted to test the filter efficiency, total leakage rate, inspiratory resistance and expiratory resistance of masks. As a result, two samples did not meet the requirements of the standard

filtration efficiency is a key indicator of the basic performance of the mask, which refers to the percentage of particulate matter that can be filtered by the mask under the specified detection conditions. The results showed that the filtration efficiency of 7 samples was more than 90%, and the filtration effect was better; 8 samples were less than 50%, and the lowest was only 6.5%

the inspiratory resistance and expiratory resistance of masks will affect consumers’ use experience. Generally speaking, when the filtration efficiency and the total leakage rate of the mask are similar, the products with lower inspiratory resistance and expiratory resistance will make consumers feel more comfortable

of the 17 samples tested this time, except for 2 samples which were too small to be tested, the rest 15 samples were tested. The inspiratory resistance values ranged from 26pa to 274pa, and the expiratory resistance values ranged from 21pa to 119pa

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