Shanghai Gangkai was authorized by PM2.5 group standard identification of protective masks

From March 1, the group standard of PM2.5 protective masks (T / aj1001-2015), which was developed by the 1nstitute of urban environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences as the first drafting unit and released to the public for the first time, was officially implemented

Global Times, Beijing times, Oriental Morning Post and other major newspapers have reported on the implementation of the standard. 1n the future, consumers only need to identify the authorized enterprises and specific marks of PM2.5 masks to purchase reliable and effective anti haze masks. Mask manufacturers will have specific production standards for civil masks, and quality inspection institutions will also be able to spot check PM2.5 protective masks according to the standards of civil masks

after the formal implementation of the standard, Shanghai Gangkai purification products Co., Ltd. actively applied for testing, and obtained the first batch of authorization of PM2.5 protective mask group standard identification with excellent quality and strict standards

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