Shanghai labor protection products industry association held the fourth member congress of the seventh session and industry exchange activities

On April 10, 2019, the fourth member congress and industry exchange activity of the seventh Shanghai labor protection articles industry association was held at the Tianmu Lake Weijing international hot spring hotel in Liyang, Jiangsu Province< The meeting was presided over by Secretary General Zhu Wenbin. Wang Jianxin, President and vice president of Shanghai Labor Protection Articles 1ndustry Association, Yang Yuefei, Lei Limin, vice president and Secretary General of China Textile Business Association and chairman of safety and health protection articles Committee, Chen Haida, consultant of safety and health protection articles Committee, and Lu Bing, director of Expert Committee of safety and health protection articles Committee, attended the meeting and took their seats on the rostrum, Ma Gangliang, director of the test department of Shanghai 1nstitute of work safety science, Ye Qing, chairman and Xue Zhongming, Secretary General of labor protection articles professional committee of Jiangsu textile distribution industry association, Lin Jinxiang, chairman and Wang Liangji, Secretary General of Zhejiang safety and health protection articles industry association, Liang Huating, chairman and Wang Dongqun, Secretary General of Anhui safety and protection articles Association the first item on the agenda of the meeting was the 2018 work report of the association entitled “all boats strive to be the first”. The report is divided into three parts: the first part is the development of the industry in 2018. By the end of 2018, there were 447 members in Shanghai Labor Protection Articles 1ndustry Association, among which 32 were new members, and the number of new members reached a new high in two years. There were 26 enterprises that applied to withdraw from the association due to business suspension, poor management or other reasons. To ensure the sustainability of the development of the association, we should give up the old and accept the new. 1n terms of the number of member enterprises, it continues to take the lead in the national labor insurance industry local association by the end of 2018, the association had issued 198 certificates of “Shanghai special labor protection articles business enterprise”, 4 of which were cancelled and recovered, 28 less than that in 2017, and the proportion of enterprises with certificates in the total number of member enterprises decreased from 51.6% to 44.2%. 1n accordance with the requirements of the quality work committee, the association strictly controls the qualification threshold of the special prevention business enterprises, requires the application enterprises to provide copies of financial statements, and puts forward four requirements for on-the-spot inspection, and strictly controls the certification. This is also to improve the gold content of the certificate, be responsible for the users and the business enterprises by the end of 2018, according to the statistics of 174 special prevention and certification enterprises that reported financial data, the total annual sales in 2018 was 5.43 billion yuan, of which the sales of special labor protection articles was 1.026 billion yuan. According to this calculation, the annual sales of Shanghai labor insurance industry in 2018 is about 18.5 billion yuan, which is slightly higher than that in 2017, but the growth rate is not large according to the spirit of the notice of the State Council on strengthening the management of enterprise related fees and reducing the burden of enterprises, the association cancelled the agency fee of 1000 yuan for applying for the certificate of “Shanghai special labor protection articles business enterprise” in 2018 to reduce the burden of enterprises. At the same time, when organizing all kinds of activities, it will no longer charge the member enterprises, but will be subsidized by the association with the increasingly fierce market competition, a small number of state-owned and collective enterprises in the industry are also declining in 2018. A group of traditional enterprises, represented by Shanghai 11th Department Store Co., Ltd., Shanghai Chengxing labor protection products Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Nanshi labor protection products Co., Ltd., have closed down for various reasons. With a large number of external capital optimistic about this industry, the MRO enterprises represented by zhenkunxing, staples, gongpinhui, Jingdong and baiwancang have taken labor protection products as the key breakthrough. 1n August 2018, zhenkunhang industrial supermarket (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. completed the C round of financing with a total amount of 129 million US dollars, merged and acquired a number of dealers in the industry within one year, and participated in Shanghai Hangli 1ndustrial Co., Ltd. at the end of the year. How to guide the standardized development of these enterprises will be a new topic for the industry< The second part is the main work of the association in 2018. 1. Focus on the management of special prevention products, strengthen the self-discipline management of the industry2. Timely convey industry information, strengthen enterprise cooperation and exchange; 3. Coordinate industrial disputes and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of members; 4. Make full use of the platform of "Labor 1nsurance Association" to expand the marketing of member enterprises; 5. Actively docking, strengthening cooperation and exchanges with all kinds of organizations at all levels; 6. External development and internal governance should be developed simultaneously to improve the organizational structure the third part is the association’s work plan in 2019. 1. Expand the organizational structure, set up the Youth Work Committee and expert database2. Accelerate the construction of group standards and upgrade the record system of special prevention supplies to industry standards; 3. Further reduce the burden of enterprises and increase revenue for the industry through services; 4. Take the opportunity of “entering the Expo” to bring in foreign products and let Shanghai enterprises go out; 5. Based on the linkage of the Yangtze River Delta, the regional group standards of the Yangtze River Delta should be timely launched; 6. Explore new ideas of cross-border e-commerce, research new trends of industry integration and capital operation the second item on the agenda of the meeting is vice president Yang Yuefei’s financial report for 2018. The report points out that in terms of revenue and expenditure and management, the association strictly abides by the financial accounting management system of relevant social organizations of the state, and strictly controls the scope of use and expenditure standards in accordance with the principle of “necessity, rationality and economy”. The financial revenue and expenditure of the Association in 2018 has been audited by Shanghai Huarui certified public accountants and an audit report has been issued. 1n 2018, the total income of the association was 846406.38 yuan, the total expenditure was 825658.38 yuan, and the balance was 20748.00 yuan. According to the 2018 audit report, “the financial statements of Shanghai Labor Protection Articles 1ndustry Association in 2018 conform to the accounting system for non-governmental non-profit organizations promulgated by the state in all major aspects, and fairly reflect the financial position of the association as of December 31, 2018 and its business activities and cash flow in 2018.” the third item on the agenda of the meeting is the report on the adjustment of vice president and governing units made by Zhu Wenbin, Secretary General of the association. According to the report, according to the development and changes of the industry and the business needs of enterprises, the Secretariat of the association has received applications from the three governing units of Shanghai Xiexing safety equipment Co., Ltd., Shanghai AoXiang Shoes Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Jingxing Garment Co., Ltd. to serve as vice president, and has promised the rights and obligations of the units serving as vice president according to the management requirements of the association and the development needs of the association, the Secretariat of the association has received applications from four member units: Shanghai chengge safety protection products Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yingke 1ndustrial Co., Ltd., Jinhu Jinyang Plastic Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Siebel 1ndustrial Technology Co., Ltd, And promise the rights and obligations of the governing body. Shanghai Weifeng New Material Technology Co., Ltd. and Suzhou Xishan labor protection products factory, the governing bodies of the Seventh Council, applied to withdraw from the Council due to changes in their business conditions after deliberation, the meeting unanimously adopted the work report of the association in 2018, the report on financial revenue and expenditure in 2018, and the report on adjusting the vice president and the governing unit item by item in the form of a show of hands Lei Limin, vice president, secretary general and chairman of safety and health protection articles Committee of China Textile Business Association, who attended the meeting, made a speech. He first expressed warm congratulations on the successful opening of the Fourth Congress of the seventh session of the Shanghai Labor Protection Articles 1ndustry Association, and expressed the feelings of a family in the national labor protection industry. Chairman Lei believes that the labor insurance industry has a historical heritage, with the hard work of the older generation and the emergence of the younger generation. 1n reality, the industry can integrate resources and heat together. Under the situation of great changes in the industry in the future, we should open up the industry channel and move towards win-win cooperation. The development of the industry is inseparable from the efforts of various association organizations and member units. We hope that the association will strengthen its service function, unite all members, help enterprises find the correct positioning, and jointly promote the high-quality development of the industry after completing the agenda of the Fourth Congress of the Seventh National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the industry exchange activities were held with the rapid development of science and technology, the upgrading of labor protection articles is also accelerating. 1n this exchange activity, tekman (Nanjing) Electronics Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Taiqi Textile Co., Ltd. introduced new welding protection products and railway system protection products respectively. Shanghai Huangpu branch of China C1T1C Bank introduced the latest enterprise loan financing business to provide solutions for the shortage of funds in the operation of small and medium-sized enterprises the atmosphere of this industry activity is warm. Through communication among member enterprises, products are exchanged, which strengthens the cohesion of the industry and achieves positive results

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