Shanghai Municipal Bureau of quality supervision reported that 60% of masks were not qualified for dust prevention

1n recent years, smog has been frequent in Shanghai, and all kinds of masks boasting protective functions are selling very well. Are some masks that claim to be “PM2.5 protection”, “dust isolation” and “haze prevention” sold on the market really effective? According to the test report released by Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision recently, 24 batches of 38 batches of mask products tested had filtration efficiency lower than 90% of the minimum requirements specified in the national standard

24 batches of unqualified masks were randomly inspected

recently, Shanghai Municipal Bureau of quality supervision carried out quality and safety risk detection on masks with the functions of “PM2.5 protection”, “dust isolation”, “haze prevention” and so on, which were produced and sold (including online sales) in the whole city. A total of 38 batches of samples were collected, covering the main brands produced and sold in the whole city. 1n accordance with the national standards such as “respiratory protective equipment, self-priming filter type anti particulate respirator” (gb2626-2006), “Hygienic standard for disposable sanitary products” (GB15979-2002), “national technical code for basic safety of textile products” (gb18401-2010), the inspector conducted risk detection on the identification, filtration efficiency, microbial indicators, technical requirements for textile safety of masks

the filtration efficiency of the mask refers to the percentage of particulate matter in the air filtered by the mask under specified conditions. The filtration efficiency reflects the effect of the mask on preventing particulate matter. According to the national standard, the mask should filter at least 90% of the related pollutants

in this test in Shanghai, the measured value of filtration efficiency of 24 batches of masks was lower than the minimum requirement of 90%; One batch of masks is lower than 95%; 21 batches were not marked with filter grade; 6 batches of unmarked products. Among the products with low filtration efficiency, the measured value of filtration efficiency of many masks is astonishingly low, such as the test result of an ordinary polyester dust mask shows “0”

some masks may cause skin diseases

the reporter learned that the safety technical requirements of textile products should be considered for the masks made of cotton cloth. Among them, formaldehyde is a printing and dyeing auxiliary, which will gradually release free formaldehyde in the use of products. 1f it exceeds the standard, it may cause respiratory tract inflammation and skin inflammation through human respiratory tract and skin contact, Bring harm to human health. Human skin is generally weak acidic to resist the invasion of external bacteria. 1f the acid-base content of mask fabric exceeds the standard, it will damage the weak acidic environment on the surface of human skin and make the skin vulnerable to bacteria. Decomposable carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes refer to the dyes synthesized by carcinogenic aromatic amines, which are often called “banned azo dyes”. They may exist in colored textiles and easily cause diseases after being absorbed by human body

some experts say that the above kinds of masks can not protect against haze, and may accidentally catch skin diseases

according to the report, the total number of bacterial colonies, coliform bacteria, pathogenic pyogenic bacteria and fungal colonies of 38 batches of masks tested this time did not exceed the standard. However, in 13 batches of cotton, gauze and other textile masks, the pH value of 6 batches of fabrics or lining exceeded the standard value; The formaldehyde content and the index of degradable carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes were not over standard< At present, the relevant risk test results have been informed to the production enterprises, distribution enterprises and their local quality and technical supervision departments to urge the enterprises to standardize production, strengthen product quality control, improve process, and reduce or eliminate product quality and safety risks. At the same time, Shanghai Municipal Bureau of quality supervision has organized a mask product quality analysis meeting, invited technical experts to analyze the product risk monitoring situation, improved the production process, established and improved the quality management system, and assumed the main responsibility for product quality. At the same time, the quality and safety risk information of mask products will be reported to the relevant departments, and it is suggested that the relevant national standards be issued as soon as possible the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of quality supervision suggests that consumers choose the protection types of masks according to their own needs. 1n the selection and use of masks, it is necessary to pay attention to the intact packaging, product qualification certificate, performance description, use method and precautions. When choosing masks, it is suggested that consumers try them on, and the wearing process should meet the requirements of the product. At the same time, it is suggested that the mask should not be worn too long. 1f there is discomfort, the mask should be removed away from the source of pollution our website solemnly declares that this article is reprinted by network media, only representing the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with our website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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