Shanghai name1: explain why you can’t choose pure cotton fabric as antistatic gloves

Why can’t we choose pure cotton for antistatic gloves? Recently, some purchasing friends asked if they could use pure cotton fabric to make anti-static gloves, because pure cotton gloves are more comfortable to wear, and there is a common view that wearing pure cotton overalls can prevent the accumulation of static electricity and play an anti-static role. So we think that pure cotton fabric can be used to make antistatic gloves. 1n fact, this view is one-sided

gw-516 carbon fiber finger coated Pu anti-static gloves

the anti-static gloves produced by Shanghai name1 can effectively prevent the damage caused by the accumulation of static electricity

it has excellent anti-static performance, anti-static index 106-108, imported PU glue,

the dip glue is smooth and uniform, DMF technology is removed, 15 needle hand core is comfortable and fits the hand shape, better protecting the health of users

why can’t we choose pure cotton fabric for antistatic gloves? The main reason is that pure cotton fabric is greatly affected by air humidity. When the relative humidity of the air is higher than 50%, pure cotton fabric can indeed play an anti-static effect. 1n some non special working environments, pure cotton gloves can be used as anti-static gloves. However, when the relative humidity is lower than 20%, the charge capacity of pure cotton fabric increases significantly, even higher than that of some chemical fiber fabrics. Therefore, in dry climate areas, it is not expected to use pure cotton fabric to eliminate electrostatic damage. Although cotton gloves are comfortable to wear, they can’t achieve the effect of anti-static. For the working environment with strict electrostatic requirements, it is recommended to choose professional anti-static gloves

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