Shanghai plans to legislate on child safety seats

The Standing Committee of Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress held an interpretation meeting on the amendment (Draft) to the regulations of Shanghai Municipality on the protection of minors. The draft stipulates that in the future, minors under the age of 12 should sit in the back row; Children under 4 years old should be equipped with child safety seats in family passenger cars. The draft also plans to make detailed provisions on school uniforms, school buses and children’s solitude, so as to build a protective net for minors

according to Jiefang Daily, research shows that the seat belts of the co driver’s seat of most vehicles are specially designed for adults and are not suitable for children. Moreover, if the front passenger seat is equipped with air bag, children’s musculoskeletal is much more fragile than adults. Once the air bag is opened, the impact force may cause serious problems such as children’s chest fracture, suffocation or cervical spine fracture. 1n May this year, China Consumer Association and China Road Traffic Safety Association jointly issued a child safety warning: children under 12 should not sit in the co driver’s seat The amendment (Draft) is to stipulate that if parents or other guardians and other adults take minors in passenger cars, minors under 12 years old shall be arranged to take the back seats of passenger cars

relevant research and statistical data show that the correct use of child safety seat can significantly reduce the mortality and serious injury rate of children in traffic accidents. Su Ming, director of the Municipal Education Commission, said that as an open international metropolis, Shanghai should adopt the legislative model of mandatory requirements for the popularization of child safety seats. However, in view of the fact that there is no legislation at the national level and the acceptance of the public, the legislation of child safety seats in this city should start from the publicity, guidance, promotion and cultivation of usage habits. The amendment (Draft) intends to make advocacy provisions with certain mandatory requirements for the needs of children under 4 years old. 1n the future, it is necessary to equip and correctly use child safety seats when carrying children under 4 years old in family passenger cars

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