Shanghai Qingpu fire protection comprehensively promotes the municipal government’s fire protection practical project

On the afternoon of Ma5, the leaders of Qingpu Branch of Shanghai fire brigade led a field investigation on the fire safety special reconstruction work of old residential quarters in Zhujiajiao ancient town. Leaders of Zhujiajiao Town, Daxin street community and other units accompanied the investigation

during the investigation, the leaders of the detachment visited the residential areas involved in the special fire protection transformation, and had a detailed understanding of the basic situation and the existing fire safety hazards of the relevant areas, as well as the on-site inspection of the fire safety evacuation channels, fire-fighting facilities and equipment, And listened to the town government and Daxin street community on the old residential area fire safety special transformation work ideas report. 1n order to do the next step of transformation work well, the leaders of the detachment require: first, to steadily advance various projects in strict accordance with the practical project content in 2014 and the time node. Second, based on the principle of “ensuring the key points and taking into account the surrounding areas”, we should implement the work of personnel organization and fund guarantee to ensure the orderly progress of practical projects. Third, we should pay attention to communication and coordination, strengthen information communication and feedback among various departments in the process of promotion, and ensure that all kinds of problems can be solved timely and properly

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