Shanghai Zixi enterprise successfully passed Alibaba’s 2016 in-depth factory inspection

1. What is in-depth factory inspection

in-depth factory inspection is based on the buyer’s demand analysis for order processing, develops the audit standard for the buyer to place an order for production and find a factory, and entrusts a third-party factory inspection service organization (its, SGS, quisatek, hangmei, China inspection) to conduct on-site audit and evaluation on the factory. The factory inspection results are collected by the third-party organization, which shows the production capacity and operation status of the factory. The purpose is to help the buyer to further understand the real production capacity of the factory and make decisions quickly! For the factory with in-depth factory inspection, you can directly enter the in-depth factory inspection zone on the home page of Amoy factory channel, and you can sign up for Ka factory of Amoy factory to get more high-quality resources and traffic

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