Shanxi: production and operation of labor protection articles should be put on record in the future

from now on, the safety supervision department of Shanxi Province will carry out special inspection on the production, operation and use of labor protection articles. The purpose of this inspection is to effectively prevent, control and eliminate occupational hazards, prevent and control occupational diseases, and protect the health of employees

labor protection articles refer to the protective equipment that workers are equipped to avoid or reduce accident injuries or occupational hazards in the process of labor. According to the deployment of the Provincial Safety Supervision Bureau, the main inspection contents include: whether the labor protection articles are distributed to employees according to the national and industrial standards, and whether the safety performance of the labor protection articles is in line with the national or industrial standards; Educate and supervise employees to correctly wear and use labor protection articles; Establish, improve and implement the management system for the purchase, acceptance, storage, distribution, use and scrapping of labor protection articles; Ensure the capital investment of labor protection equipment; Management and use of special labor protection articles

in the future, the production and operation units of labor protection articles shall file with the work safety supervision and management department according to the regulations. The enterprise shall purchase the labor protection articles from the production and operation units that have obtained the record certificate of labor protection articles issued by the work safety supervision and administration department; The labor protection articles produced and operated by the production and business operation entities that have obtained the record certificate of labor protection articles must conform to the national or industrial standards

ZHENG Shucheng

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