Shanxi puts on “tight hoop” for coal mine flood prevention and control

10 types of coal mines will be shut down

since last year, the proportion of coal mine water disasters in the total number of accidents has increased, becoming the “first killer” of coal mine safety in Shanxi. On May 24, the Provincial Department of coal industry issued the “notice on improving the basic management level of water prevention and control in Shanxi coal mines”, which will take measures to stop production and investigate the responsibility of relevant personnel for the 10 types of water disaster prevention and control in coal mines

last year, there were 78 deaths in coal mine safety production in the whole province, and the death rate per million tons was 0.077, which was at a good level in the whole country and even in the world. However, after decomposing the accidents of 78 people, it is found that although the gas accidents in coal mines have decreased, the proportion of coal mine water disasters is increasing, accounting for one third of the total number of coal mine accidents in the whole province, among which 70% – 80% of the larger accidents with more than three people in coal mines in the whole province are water disasters. The prevention and control of coal mine water disaster has aroused great attention of relevant departments in Shanxi Province< 1n the future, there are some problems in all the coal mines under construction and production in Shanxi Province: no medium and long-term water control plan and annual plan have been prepared; There is no leading organization of coal mine water prevention and control, unclear division of responsibilities, unclear responsible departments, incomplete main coal mine water prevention and control system, major missing items (except for "coal mine water prevention and control regulations"), lack of main systems such as exploration and excavation separation system, safety confirmation transfer system, etc; The hydrogeological classification report has not been prepared, the hydrogeological type has not been redetermined after more than three years or one year after the accident, and the false or seriously inconsistent basic maps such as water filling map of coal mine have been provided; The "three lines" (warning line, water exploration line and water logging line) were not implemented to manage the water logging in the ancient, old and mined goaf; The professional and technical personnel of water prevention and control and the team of water exploration and drainage are lower than the minimum allocation requirements specified in the provincial documents; The capacity of the main drainage system can not meet the requirements of the "coal mine safety regulations", the drainage system of the mining area is not perfect, the working face is operated, the main sump is not put into use, but the second phase construction project is constructed ahead of schedule, and the mining area sump is not put into use; Working without water exploration and drainage design, acceptance of water exploration and drainage project, issuance of excavation permission notice, false water exploration and drainage account and acceptance sheet, risk driving when the advanced safety distance is less than the specified distance, and mining without treatment of threatened overlying or adjacent goaf water; No special water exploration and drainage drilling rig is equipped or non special water exploration and drainage drilling rig such as electric coal drill is used for water exploration and drainage; Mining under pressure without safety zoning, water conductivity of fault and collapse column in front of the mine, and working under pressure without special water inrush prevention technical measures; 1f there is no emergency plan for timely withdrawal of underground workers during heavy rainfall period or when there is water seepage sign in the mining face, mining the approved waterproof isolation coal pillar without authorization, mining steep coal seam under water body, and mining under surface water body without approval of provincial coal management department, the production will be stopped and the relevant personnel will be held responsible our website solemnly declares that this article is reprinted by network media, only representing the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with our website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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