Shell LSA experts go deep into sinopec701 team to explain professional knowledge

On April 10, LSA (low specific activity) experts from shell HSE department went to the site of sinopec701 team to explain some knowledge and protective measures about LSA to employees

after the completion of construction in Toucan work area, it was moved to Rabi work area. Most wells in this work area contain LSA, which is mainly attached to the inner wall of tubing and downhole tools with the production of formation fluid. The safety value of LSA is less than 2cps, which will cause different degrees of damage to human body and organs. At present, the LSA value of rab-219 well under construction is up to 5cps

in view of the above situation, shell LSA experts specially came to the site to tell the staff the relevant knowledge and protective measures of LSA, how to correctly wear protective clothing, masks and gloves, etc., and told the construction team to draw a warning line in the operation area, and must go through special LSA detection when entering and leaving, so as to make sure that no LSA substance is attached to each person, So as to achieve 100% safety protection

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