Shengli Oilfield keeps employees away from occupational hazards

in December 2010, a new Department, occupational health department, was set up in the safety and environmental protection department of the State Administration of environmental protection of the people’s Republic of China. The person in charge of the safety and environmental protection department of the Bureau explained that the pattern of HSE management system in the oilfield has changed from attaching great importance to safety and environmental protection to paying equal attention to safety, environmental protection and health

“people oriented” occupational health examination

Bo Qibo is a person in charge of the occupational prevention department of the oilfield CDC. According to the oilfield arrangement, he has led seven staff members of the physical examination professional group to conduct occupational health examination on Oilfield employees (employees) since January 15, 2011. According to them, starting at the beginning of each year, they have to carry out a comprehensive physical examination for workers involved in occupational hazards in the oilfield< There are 70 secondary units in the oilfield, 51 secondary units with occupational hazards, more than 1400 toxic and harmful jobs, and more than 23900 people exposed to occupational hazards. 1t is mainly distributed in drilling team, operation team, water injection station, polymer injection station, oil production team, offshore platform and other grass-roots units the health of employees is related to the prosperity of the enterprise, and the prevention and treatment of occupational diseases is also an unshirkable responsibility of the oilfield. All along, the oilfield attaches great importance to occupational health work. On February 14, 2008, the oilfield issued the “occupational health management regulations” with Shengyou company [2008] No. 19 and Shengyou Bureau [2008] No. 47 documents respectively, which refined all aspects of the oilfield occupational health management and further standardized the oilfield occupational health work and occupational health examination is related to the vital rights and interests of employees. For the physical examination of workers, the oilfield requires comprehensive and accurate examination, and for the environmental factors that affect workers’ health, it requires comprehensive examination, so as to ensure “no leakage”. Oilfield also gives full play to the role of occupational disease clinic and clinic. Besides health monitoring, reexamination, retreatment and filing should be carried out every year for employees with health status, so as to realize unified management according to the statistics of the safety and environmental protection department, in the past three years, 92.6% of the oil field harmful workers have been inspected, 51 cases of occupational contraindications have been found, 1260 cases of occupational disease clinics have been found, and the cure (improvement) rate is more than 90% comprehensively and systematically carry out occupational hazard assessment in late April, the oilfield reviewed the Haisan joint station of the offshore oil production plant under construction, mainly focusing on the impact of dust, toxic chemicals, noise and other toxic and harmful factors on human health that may exist in the project construction. Now, the project has passed the acceptance. According to the Department of safety and environmental protection, in addition to the annual health check for employees, another job of the occupational prevention department of the oilfield CDC is occupational hazard assessment. At present, there are mainly two kinds of occupational hazard evaluation, one is the occupational hazard evaluation of the project under construction, the other is the control effect evaluation the occupational prevention department of the oilfield CDC has an authoritative say on whether the project will cause harm to employees. The Department has professional posts of occupational health detection and inspection, construction project evaluation, occupational health monitoring, occupational disease diagnosis and treatment, and has instruments and equipment with accurate value and reliable performance, which can comprehensively manage the “three Simultaneities” and the renovation projects of hazardous workplaces in the whole oilfield, and scientifically evaluate the hazard degree of workplaces, Once over standard places are found, rectification suggestions shall be put forward to relevant departments in time, solutions shall be discussed, and treatment shall be given as soon as possible. At present, the occupational prevention department of the center for Disease Control and prevention of the oilfield has obtained the qualification of “evaluation of occupational hazards in construction projects, detection and evaluation of occupational hazard factors (Grade A)” issued by the Ministry of health of the people’s Republic of China, and “detection and evaluation of radiation health protection”, “occupational health examination”, “occupational disease diagnosis” issued by the Department of health of Shandong Province as one of the only three occupational health assessment institutions of Sinopec, the oilfield has successively completed the occupational hazard assessment of more than 40 construction projects, such as “Shengli operation platform 5”, “Chunliang central heating project”, to protect the health of the staff according to the statistics of the safety and environmental protection department, since 2009, there have been more than 120 oilfield treatment and transformation projects, with an actual investment of nearly 20 million yuan. A total of 1723 harmful jobs were detected and 1658 qualified jobs were detected. The monitoring rate and qualified rate were 81.2% and 96.0% respectively. The suggestions of rectification within a time limit were issued for all the harmful workplaces exceeding the standard work together to build the “firewall” of occupational health publicity week is only one aspect of oilfield occupational prevention work. 1n practical work, oilfield pays attention to the publicity and implementation of occupational health related laws and regulations. Every time oilfield occupational health management personnel go to the grass-roots level for inspection, they preach some occupational health theories and protection knowledge to the workers, and constantly improve the protection awareness of workers exposed to harmful operations the oilfield closely combines occupational health education with safety education, and actively carries out pre employment and regular training for hazardous workers in the form of safety class, forum and questionnaire survey. 1n 2010, the oilfield organized a training course for occupational health management personnel, with a total of 110 people trained on this basis, the oilfield pays attention to the prevention and control of occupational diseases at ordinary times. 1n the 83rd, 84th and 85th post responsibility system inspection activities, the occupational health assessment of each employer was included. 1n the post inspection work, the oilfield has set up six inspection teams, each of which includes professionals from safety and environmental protection, occupational health, infrastructure, equipment, fire protection and other departments. 1t took nearly a month to carry out the post responsibility system inspection activities in the whole oilfield, timely find problems and deal with them “the prevention and control of occupational diseases has a long way to go.”. The staff of the safety and environmental protection department of the oilfield explained that while strengthening the management, it is more important for the staff to strictly implement the operating procedures, correctly use the labor protection facilities, and actively wear dust-proof, gas mask and personal protective equipment against noise and radiation as required, so as to keep away from the occupational hazards

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