Shenyang: radiation diagnosis and treatment must use protective equipment

Are you reminded by the doctor to wear protective equipment when you or your relatives and friends are undergoing radiotherapy? 1f the hospital fails to provide the party with protective equipment, the public has the right to complain to the health supervision department< Yesterday, the reporter learned from Shenyang Dadong District Health Supervision 1nstitute that the health supervision institute has recently launched a special action on radiation health and occupational health in the whole district. Comprehensive supervision and inspection were carried out for the radiation diagnosis and treatment institutions in the whole region, and the supervision coverage rate was 100%. The scope of law enforcement inspection includes the number and labeling management of qualified radiation diagnosis and treatment equipment, the establishment of equipment files, and the unification of warning signs of radiation occupational hazards; Quick check and recheck the construction project completion acceptance in 2015 to verify the protection effect under normal use. At the same time, the occupational health inspection institutions in the jurisdiction also carried out quantitative scoring of health supervision of occupational health inspection institutions to further improve the service level of occupational health inspection institutions and ensure the health of workers< The law enforcement officers of Dadong District Health Supervision Office pointed out that in the past 20 or 30 years, the X-ray exposure has been significantly reduced due to the improvement of X-ray equipment, but it should not be taken lightly. 1n particular, attention should be paid to pregnant women, children and workers who have been exposed to radiation for a long time. 1n addition, during the period of high school entrance examination, annual physical examination organized by the unit, etc, The use of radiation protection equipment is easy to be negligent. Subjects must wear protective equipment. The Department of health supervision of Dadong District reminds the general public that if they are exposed to too much X-ray, which exceeds the allowable exposure, they may have radiation reaction, or even radiation damage to a certain extent. 1f the X-ray exposure is within the allowable range, it generally has little impact. Therefore, we should not have doubts or fears about X-ray examination, but should emphasize and pay attention to protection; At the same time, we should pay attention to the use of protective equipment. The examinees must wear protective equipment. The non projection parts should be shielded. Special attention should be paid to the protection of gonads, active bone marrow, female mammary gland, fetal and children's epiphysis and other radiation sensitive parts. The relevant data of previous examinations should be considered to avoid unnecessary additional examinations. Both the waiting person and the accompanying person should wait outside and should not enter the computer room without shielding. X-ray workers should wear X-ray personal dose film or thermoluminescence dosimeter to know the actual exposure dose in time, so that the exposure dose can be controlled within the prescribed dose limit. For pregnant female X-ray workers, they should be transferred from their posts or engaged in other work not exposed to X-ray, so as to avoid causing unnecessary harm to the fetus

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