Shenyang traffic police will crack down on bad traffic habits such as not wearing seat belts

At 7 a.m. on March 25, Shenyang held the launching ceremony of the national mobilization of traffic management. According to reports, this year is the last year for Shenyang to build a civilized city. Shenyang police will thoroughly deal with bad traffic habits, and announce that among the ten rectification activities to be carried out, there will be “special rectification activities for bad traffic habits such as not wearing seat belts, driving to pick up and make calls, and not taking the initiative to avoid pedestrians.”

“minor violations” are also included in the rectification

on the same day, the police also announced the “ten major rectification” activities to be carried out this year, including:

using cameras, video cameras, law enforcement recorders and electronic police to capture illegal behaviors such as vehicles not waiting in turn, turning around casually, changing lanes at will, and going retrograde over solid lines

the bad habits of motor vehicle drivers, such as not wearing seat belts, driving to answer and make calls, not taking the initiative to avoid pedestrians, throwing objects, changing lanes at will, and not using turn signals according to regulations, are captured and “any violation must be corrected and punished”. An “electronic police” system for minor traffic violations of motor vehicles is added to effectively monitor the traffic habits of motor vehicle drivers

improve the no honking signs, punish the illegal honking of horn, illegal installation and use of alarm according to law, especially the illegal installation of high pitched horn and automobile horn in large vehicles, once found, punish according to law, forcibly remove and take over. At the same time, special rectification actions were carried out for the illegal use of high beam at night

strengthen the inspection of old vehicles, non business to non business vehicles, foreign license plate vehicles and other vehicles prone to license related illegal activities, and pay attention to the detection and investigation of assembly scrapped vehicles. Further improve and add the electronic police with the function of front and back capture, and increase the crackdown on the number plates that are not installed or deliberately covered or defaced. For those who publish information on fake cards and certificates through the 1nternet, small posters, SMS and other means, we should strengthen the investigation and handling, strictly investigate and deal with cases of fake cards and certificates, and crack down on a number of dens and gangs< 1n the early morning of that day, Xu Wenyou, vice mayor of Shenyang City and director of the Public Security Bureau, arrived at the traffic post of Shifu Road, Nanjing Street, and distributed traffic safety leaflets to the public< According to the introduction, since March 25, Shenyang has launched the "ten, one hundred, one thousand, ten thousand" traffic order socialized management activities. The "ten" represents ten categories of people from the society, namely, traffic police, branch police, traffic assistance personnel, party and government staff, military officers and soldiers, social volunteers, street community residents, school staff, and so on Ten management forces, such as key unit personnel and public figures, participate in civilized traffic management" "100" represents that 100 enterprises and institutions will join the ranks of traffic management in Shenyang" "Thousand" representatives deployed 1000 nationwide traffic management posts in the whole city (including 100 posts jointly built by community residents, 100 posts jointly built by schools, 100 posts jointly built by army officers and soldiers, party and government organs, 100 posts jointly built by key units, 600 Posts jointly controlled by traffic police and sub Bureau police)" Every day, at least 10000 people will carry out traffic order management and traffic safety publicity on the road. This is the largest, widest and most powerful national traffic management activity in the history of Shenyang copyright notice: This article is reproduced from the network media, only represents the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with this website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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