Shenzhen port export2.2 billion pairs of shoes

the reporter learned from Shenzhen Customs yesterday that in 2009, a total o2.22 billion pairs of shoes were exported through Shenzhen port, a year-on-year increase of 17.6%; 1t is worth US $5.12 billion, up 9.7% year on year< According to the introduction, more than 80% of shoe exports at Shenzhen port are general trade exports. 1n 2009, 1.84 billion pairs of shoes were exported by general trade through Shenzhen port, an increase of 26.6%, 9 percentage points higher than the overall increase, accounting for 82.9% of the total export volume of shoes at Shenzhen port in the same period (the same below); 150 million pairs were exported through processing trade, down 9.4% against the trend; The export of 210 million pairs of bonded warehouse import and export goods decreased by 16.9%< 1t is worth mentioning that ASEAN has become China's largest shoe export market. 1n 2009, 490 million pairs of shoes were exported to ASEAN through Shenzhen port, a rapid growth of 1.1 times. Other Asian, African and Latin American markets also saw relatively rapid growth, including 200 million pairs of exports to Panama, an increase of 72.9%. The export volume to UAE and South Africa was more than 90 million pairs, with an increase of 48.5% and 40.9% respectively. However, the U.S. and EU markets showed a decline, with exports of 380 million pairs and 240 million pairs respectively, down 8.8% and 1.7% year on year

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