Shijiazhuang special equipment registration rate strive to reach more than 99%

This year, Shijiazhuang Municipal Bureau of quality supervision will further strengthen on-site safety supervision and special management of special equipment, strive to achieve a registration rate of more than 99% of special equipment, and strive to eliminate potential safety hazards of special equipment

the Bureau will vigorously carry out on-site safety inspection of special equipment. The on-site inspection rate of special equipment users will reach more than 80%, and the on-site inspection rate of key monitoring units, public places, residential quarters and other special equipment users will reach 100%. The inspection rate of special equipment in use will be comprehensively improved, and the inspection rate of key monitoring equipment must reach 100%. Strengthen the basic management of special equipment safety supervision, strengthen the training of special equipment operators, and the registration rate of special equipment should reach more than 99%

carry out special management on the safety of special equipment, focusing on the investigation of potential safety hazards of special equipment in use in boilers, elevators, gas cylinders, pressure pipelines, large amusement facilities, lifting machinery, cableways and hazardous chemical enterprises, and carry out special rectification activities to prevent the safety risks of special equipment. 1mprove the construction of emergency plan and emergency rescue mechanism, and improve the emergency response capacity of special equipment. We should strengthen the publicity and implementation of the special equipment safety law, continue to carry out activities of introducing special equipment safety knowledge into communities, schools and enterprises, and continue to do well in various activities of “safety production month”, so as to improve the safety awareness of special equipment in the whole society

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