Shiqian bureau held a question and answer meeting on first aid kit management and reserve materials in 2016

in order to effectively improve the professional ability of material system operators, improve the quality of first aid kit management, strengthen the operation and transfer of first aid kit, and play the role of emergency reserve of first aid kit. According to the specific requirements of the provincial company’s “2016 reserve plan revision (the first time)” work plan, on Decembe5, the management personnel of Tongren Power Supply Bureau Logistics Service Center rushed to Shiqian bureau to hold the “2016 first aid kit management and reserve materials revision meeting”

the meeting was presided over by Xia Shugui, director of the Municipal Bureau. During the lecture exchange, director Xia publicized and implemented the revision plan of the company’s reserve materials in 2016, described the development direction of the first aid kit through the spirit of the policy and the particularity of the industry, and guided the material management personnel of the county bureau with practical examples to avoid the misunderstanding of the format and mode of the first aid kit management. Furthermore, it analyzes the application mode of first aid kit management and reserve materials, and proposes to “strengthen the response to special emergency events, and specifically revise the reserve scheme of each first aid kit with pertinence and difference”. The material management personnel and first aid kit administrators present here carefully recorded and actively communicated with experts of the Municipal Bureau during the rest period

at the end of the Q & a meeting, director Luo Wenquan put forward specific requirements for the first-aid kit management personnel present. He asked the first-aid kit management personnel to deeply understand the essence of the meeting, strictly carry out the material management in accordance with the process system of the material system, and required the material department to strengthen communication with the production equipment department and implement the standardized process of the first-aid kit as soon as possible, And the development of relevant assessment system, in order to urge the grass-roots station in material management work further(Luo Haiyang)

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