Shishi accessories enterprise group development to a higher level

in recent years, Shishi excipients enterprises have been constantly innovating products, expanding marketing network, and expanding their own strength. At the same time, they have also actively strengthened unity and cooperation, promoted group development, and won more market share. Yesterday afternoon, the general meeting of shareholders and founding meeting of Shishi accessories market Co., Ltd. was held in Baogai town. This marks the further development of the auxiliary materials industry in our city

in September 2009, it was jointly sponsored by Hualian, Zhongxin, Ford, Y1DEL1, Lianxing, Hongpeng, Hongze, Jialong, jinweilong, xinyongjia and other clothing, shoe and hat accessories production and management enterprises. More than 100 industry backbone enterprises held a meeting in Baogai town government to discuss the construction of accessories professional market, And began to build Shishi City accessories market Co., Ltd. The meeting held among enterprises is the first step for Shishi accessories enterprises to develop as a group. After intensive preparation, the company obtained the business license of enterprise legal person issued by Quanzhou Administration for 1ndustry and Commerce on March 22, 2010. So far, Shishi accessories market Co., Ltd., with 116 investors, registered capital of 100 million yuan and initial capital of 48.15 million yuan, has been established. 1t is reported that at present, the preliminary work of auxiliary material market construction is in tense progress. At that time, the prosperity of accessories market will drive a new round of development of clothing accessories industry

Author: Lin Zhijie

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