Shishi export footwear products to cope with trade barriers

according to the Shishi Office of Fujian inspection and Quarantine Bureau, from January to August 2010, Shishi exported 2221 batches of shoes and boots, up to 113 million US dollars, with an increase of 26.8% and 39.4% respectively, accounting for 44.9% of the total export value, ranking the first in export, setting a new high in the history of the city’s shoes export value

under the current situation of the overall depression of Shishi footwear export international market, the average export price of footwear in the first eight months was US $3.24/pair, a year-on-year increase of 12.89%, and the average unit price also reached a record high, which is not easy. According to industry insiders, this fact shows that Shishi shoe enterprises have been continuously promoting scientific and technological progress in recent years, and the product quality has gradually approached the international advanced level, which has been able to better cope with foreign trade barriers

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