Shishi functional fabric research and development achievements

since 2010, the research and development achievements of Shishi functional fabric have been reported frequently. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the relevant departments that the major project of our city in 2009, the research on functional antibacterial deodorant composite materials for bamboo fiber shoes, has also made substantial new breakthroughs, and it is expected that the research and development results will come out soon

it is understood that intelligent textiles with heat storage and temperature regulation function contain phase change materials. When the ambient temperature rises, phase change materials absorb heat and change from solid to liquid, which reduces the body surface temperature. On the contrary, when the temperature of the external environment decreases, the phase change material releases heat from the liquid to the solid, which reduces the heat released by the human body to the surrounding, so as to maintain the normal body temperature, provide a comfortable “clothing microclimate” environment for the human body, and make the human body always in a comfortable state. This fabric can be widely used in bedding, shoes, underwear and outerwear, and has broad development prospects

at the same time, the advent of pearl fiber fabric is a new achievement and breakthrough of Shishi in the development of high-end, health-care and functional fabrics

“Shishi has made so many achievements in the research and development of functional fabrics, mainly due to the strong support of the government and the unremitting efforts of scientific research personnel.” Xia, a person in the industry, told the reporter that in recent years, with the strong support and cultivation of Shishi municipal government, scientific researchers have successively developed and produced more than 20 kinds of high-end, health-care and environment-friendly fabrics, such as bamboo fiber and soybean protein fiber (vinylon). Every year, more than 3000 kinds of new products come out, and many new fabrics have a leading position in the industry, Especially in the research and development of leisure fabrics, it is in the forefront of domestic counterparts< 1t is reported that since the beginning of this year, the research and development of plant fabrics such as "ultra-thin and high-density fabrics", "modified fiber fabrics" and "bamboo charcoal fiber fabrics" have also achieved great results, and a considerable part of them have been put into production, which has been highly recognized by the market by Tan Gengxin and Zhou Jinwen

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