Shishi garment processing factory was investigated for using famous brand trademark without permission

a garment processing factory hidden in the back street not only operates without a license, but also uses a trademark similar to the registered trademark of a famous garment manufacturer without permission, thus infringing the exclusive right to use the trademark of others. According to the reports from the masses, the industrial and Commercial Department of Shishi city banned the black factory in accordance with the law, temporarily detained nearly 300 pieces of clothing suspected of trademark infringement, and put them on file for investigation

according to the reports from the masses, the law enforcement officers of the special business office inspected a factory in the back lane of zengkeng community; The reporter saw at the scene that the factory is located in 3 to 5 floors of a building, each floor has more than 100 square meters; 1n the production workshop, the reporter saw that there were many workers at work, and there were a lot of clothes next to them, which were obviously labeled with a famous brand< 1t is reported that a few months ago, Cai, a stone lion man, opened a garment processing factory in a back street lane of zengkeng community, Hubin street, mainly engaged in garment processing and manufacturing, without the approval of relevant departments. During this period, in order to seek illegal interests, the black factory also pasted a trademark similar to a well-known trademark clothing enterprise on the processed clothing, suspected of unlicensed operation and trademark infringement law enforcement officials said that pasting trademarks of other well-known brands or similar trademarks on their own clothing and using them in the market in a variety of ways not only mislead consumers, but also violate the relevant provisions of the trademark law, seriously undermine the market order of fair competition, and create misunderstanding and confusion in the market, which is a typical unfair competition

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