Shishi service enterprises continue to “lead” the terminal market

“when enterprises continue to move towards the brand line, the” white hot “competition of sales terminals has become an inevitable rule.” A few days ago, the comrades of the Municipal Economic Bureau gave corresponding explanations for the sales terminal achievements of Shishi garment enterprises in recent years

it is understood that in recent years, Shishi garment enterprises continue to expand the sales terminal market space, and their distribution roadmap not only covers 34 provinces and important urban areas, but also some key leading enterprises, such as Fuguiniao’s franchise stores, are not satisfied with the expansion route of second and third tier cities, and have begun to consciously lay out the strategic plan of “city” surrounding “countryside”, What is guiding Shishi’s tenacious strategic “pursuit”? 1n general, the strategic planning of the sales terminal is the result of the branding strategy in recent years. 1n recent years, our terminal has begun to move towards high-quality products, which was not conditional in the past, but now it is fully possible. With the three basic factors of market, capital and talent, success will come naturally. “

according to the survey, as of the beginning of this year, more than 40 brand enterprises in Shishi City, such as Kabin, jinmaiwang and zungui, have carried out luxury packaging for franchised stores at a large cost in the prime locations of CBD in many provinces and prefectures across the country, and displayed their brand image by opening large-area sales terminal stores such as life hall, flagship store and cultural center in the regional business center, While reshaping the brand image, effectively expand the sales space

at present, Shishi industry attaches more and more importance to the “terminal battle”, and cultivating relevant talents to provide fresh water for this battle has become one of the core plans of the strategy in 2011. “At the beginning of this year, we set up a brand management retailer college, which specially employs visiting professors from Fuzhou University and experts from the school of retail management to teach by words and deeds, To improve the level of terminal sales. ” Ruipai men’s vice president Qiu Zhishang told reporters

by Yao Wei

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