Shishi shoe enterprises attach importance to the development of scientific and technological talents: R & D wins

recently, in Shishi mengshida Shoes Co., Ltd., we saw that workers are stepping up production, and there is a loading truck in the factory area every ten minutes, showing a busy production and marketing scene

2009 is an extraordinary year. 1t is understood that nearly 40% of the domestic shoe enterprises have “collapsed” in the fierce impact of the international financial storm, while few of Shishi’s leisure shoe enterprises have closed down. History has proved that Shishi’s leisure shoe industry has withstood the unprecedented test

“nowadays, the competition of enterprises is more and more fierce, the product style, price and market are very transparent, and the way to create a brand depends on the introduction of all kinds of excellent professional and technical talents and comprehensive senior executives, and constantly inject new vitality into the enterprise, so as to make the enterprise stand firm in the tide of competition.” A business owner of the shoe city said that the development of the enterprise is inseparable from the joining of talents, and the R & D of products needs the help of talents. 1t is understood that Shishi Haomai Shoes Co., Ltd. takes “attaching importance to talents and scientific and technological development” as its top priority. 1n order to meet the expanding market demand, they continue to introduce international advanced shoe-making production line equipment. The product quality continues to improve, and is deeply trusted and praised by the majority of consumers. The products are mainly sold to major cities in the country, and exported to the Middle East, Mexico, Japan, Japan and other countries The Philippines, Mauritius, South Africa, Yugoslavia, Russia and other countries

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