Shishi shoe enterprises pay attention to sales terminal to enhance brand influence

a few days ago, after the baseball player shoes products of our city’s famous shoe enterprises entered department stores such as Shanghai, they did not hesitate to increase investment to strengthen the layout of high-end department stores such as Jiangsu. Since October 2010, another well-known leisure shoe company in our city, Friday leisure shoe company, has also accelerated the marketing layout of department stores in large and medium-sized cities such as Shanghai, Jiangsu and Guiyang, striving to enhance its brand influence in the sales terminal

Mr. Cao Yansong of Shishi Blue Power Culture Communication Co., Ltd. analyzed that department stores are the places where consumers often go. Famous shoe enterprises, through participating in the exhibition and combining with their own reality, formulate a win-win model with the market channels, reduce the intermediate links, and realize the joint operation of manufacturers. 1t is hoped that this self-supporting model can develop together with the channels, 1t is believed that the “imbalance of docking between brands and channels” can be solved through equal internal communication and exchange of needed goods between brands and channels, so that both sides can get the corresponding interest chain in cooperation and achieve a win-win situation

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