Shishi shoes and clothing enterprises enter the era of “low carbon economy”

in recent days, the reporter learned from relevant enterprises in Shishi that with the coming of domestic and international market difficulties, R & D design with the theme of “environmental protection, green and ecology” has attracted more and more attention

it is understood that footwear and clothing enterprises in Shishi City, such as Fuguiniao, MuLinSen, gaiqi and Haomai, are the early responders of “low carbon economy”. 1n the aspect of low-carbon environmental protection, we will not hesitate to invest a large amount of money to buy high-tech equipment and employ high-end talents to produce and monitor a series of “green environmental protection” products; Actively respond to the “energy conservation and emission reduction”, while saving energy, it also saves a lot of money for itself, and improves the competitiveness of enterprises. 1t is precisely because of the early low-carbon product production route and timely access to market information that the impact on the current market environment is not great, so many small and medium-sized enterprises actively follow the development route of the former

“in terms of footwear industry, low carbon and environmental protection will become a trend.” A small clothing enterprise related personnel think, in the face of “low-carbon economy” era, as a gathering place of many brand clothing enterprises, Shishi should actively respond with its own reality

in the interview, many enterprises said that they would further increase the research and development of “low-carbon” products in the future, because it is in line with the industry trend. The reporter learned that from the perspective of the industry itself, many brand clothing enterprises such as Shishi jinlilies also prefer environmentally friendly and low energy consumption fabrics in the choice of textile fabrics. At the same time, the person in charge of the company said, “at present, problems such as overcapacity, low added value, homogeneous competition, and lack of scientific and technological content are still prominent in Shishi garment industry, which need to be transformed and upgraded. By increasing the research and development of low-carbon products, it will drive the whole enterprise to have a leap of “qualitative change.” 1ndustry insiders said that low-carbon environmental protection is the only way for enterprises to enter the low-carbon economy, and many well-known shoe and clothing enterprises strive to upgrade the scientific and technological content of their products, so as to improve their core competitiveness and product added value

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