Shishi shoes and clothing merchants set off a “low carbon” consumption trend

with the arrival of the 11th national holiday, it has gradually brought a market consumption boom. Today’s hot “low carbon” trend has also hit Shishi’s national day market, adding a new consumption concept to this year’s national day shopping. According to the survey, in some shopping malls and supermarkets in Shishi City, both buyers and sellers are focusing on “low carbon”

with the increasing awareness of environmental protection, citizens have begun to consciously choose “low-carbon” products in their daily life. And some shoe and clothing businesses also catch up with this “low-carbon” fashion train, launching a batch of clothing with bamboo fiber, soybean fiber and other fabrics to adapt to the current consumption trend. 1t is understood that in a brand shoe store on jiuer road in Shishi City, a “environmentally friendly rubber sole sports shoes” has attracted many people’s attention. After reading the product description and relevant certificates in detail, some citizens have paid for them

for the phenomenon that people are keen on “low-carbon” products, relevant people from the economic sector commented that the public’s optimistic about energy-saving “low-carbon” products is not only conducive to environmental protection and health, but also can promote the innovation and transformation of Shishi textile and clothing and other related manufacturing industries, which is conducive to the development of “low-carbon economy”

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