Shishi shoes and clothing products price into the high end

the prices of products produced by some local enterprises in Shishi are above the average

only by being high-end can there be a way out! Recently, at the order meeting of Saiqi sports in early autumn and winter of 2011, Cai Jianlei, chairman of the board of the company, made a sonorous promise to all the agents at the meeting that if there is a dream, it is possible that if you can’t sell half of the products you ordered, you can return them all and let them “pay the bill”, but the condition is that you have to give him ten yuan for each pair

why does Cai Jianlei have so much confidence and courage to slap his agents on the chest and issue a “military order”? 1n fact, he dares to do so because he has confidence in the market. Mr. Cai said that nowadays, consumers have entered a mature period of consumption. 1nstead of cheap products, they want to reflect their own aesthetic taste, life philosophy and social status through their clothes. Therefore, this year’s autumn and winter sports products, on the basis of last year’s, will increase research and development efforts, pay attention to the product quality, and choose superior raw materials. At the same time, in order to effectively deal with the rise of raw materials, labor costs, profits brought about by the increase greatly “shrink”, the price of shoes and clothing products is also imperative

behind the collective price increase in the footwear industry this year is the substantial increase in the cost of raw materials and labor. Guo Lili, deputy director of the external liaison department of Shishi private enterprise association, pointed out that the labor cost and fabric cost have increased significantly this year, and the pressure has suddenly increased” The salary has just been raised once again, and each worker has increased by 200 yuan per month on average. Now the monthly salary of workers is basically more than 2200 yuan, and they have to cover food and housing, “the person in charge of a shoe and clothing enterprise told reporters. 1f not, it is difficult to retain skilled workers. On the other hand, the price of raw materials has also risen sharply, and the price of imported fabrics has increased by more than 30% this year

Guo Lili told reporters that Shishi has a huge scale of shoes and clothing industry and a large number of brands. Many enterprises, such as Fuguiniao, MuLinSen, Pinpai, willancy and Edinburgh, have made great breakthroughs in improving the overall image and comprehensive strength of their brands, which are by no means inferior to some international brands

Author: Zhou Jinwen

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