Shishi supports the development of foreign trade enterprises such as shoes and clothing

the reporter learned yesterday that in 2009, Shishi national tax department handled a total of 80.01 million yuan for the city’s foreign trade export enterprises, a year-on-year decrease of 30.43%

in the past year, under the influence of the international economic crisis and the adjustment of the tax rebate policy, such as restricting the export of “two high and one capital” products and reducing the export tax rebate rate, the export of textile and clothing products and mechanical and electrical products in our city’s foreign trade was seriously hindered, the import and export of foreign trade fell sharply, and the export enterprises had unprecedented difficulties, such as the reduction of orders and the shortage of funds, The municipal state tax system has played an important role in supporting export enterprises’ capital dispatching and external competition by “tax exemption, tax deduction and transfer”, speeding up the processing progress, ensuring that the tax refund (tax exemption) funds of all relevant enterprises are in place in time during the year, and reducing the financial pressure of enterprises

it is understood that due to the impact of the financial crisis, the demand for trade in Europe, the United States and Japan has dropped sharply, the international market has shrunk, and orders have been decreasing. 1n particular, it has the most obvious impact on the pillar industries clothing industry and textile industry in our city; At the same time, the prices of raw materials, energy supply and freight fluctuate greatly, and the cost is difficult to determine. Customers hold a wait-and-see attitude and dare not place orders easily, resulting in the reduction of enterprise orders, and some even have no orders to do. 1n addition, workers’ wages and employee benefits continue to increase, leading to a sharp rise in production costs, which brings many difficulties to the production and operation of enterprises; The change of RMB exchange rate affects the development of enterprises. Due to the instability of US dollar and euro exchange rate, US dollar is still the mainstream currency in international trade. Enterprises generally reflect that the change of exchange rate has a greater impact on profits. Since 2009, our city’s export-oriented enterprises have been affected by a variety of adverse factors, more and more enterprises have changed from export to self export. After the enterprise has the right of self export, the payment for export goods can be directly paid into the enterprise account, which improves the utilization rate of funds and reduces the risk of funds, and saves the operating costs

according to the introduction, since 2009, the self operated export highlights of enterprises in our city are frequent: on the one hand, the number of export enterprises is increasing, the export commodity structure is constantly optimized, the traditional textile and clothing products are gradually decreasing, and the products of emerging industries such as electronics and food account for a considerable share; At the same time, the proportion of labor-intensive, low added value and low technology content export products decreased, while the proportion of technology intensive, high added value and high technology content export products increased; On the other hand, the export of general trade and processing trade go hand in hand, and the export of state-owned, foreign-funded and private enterprises go hand in hand

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