Shishi textile and garment industry ushers in favorable policies

in accordance with the spirit and requirements of the Ministry of industry and information technology, we should carefully plan to position Shishi City in the development of high-end textile and garment manufacturing industry, step out of the low-end competition, and give full play to the first mover advantage and comparative advantage, so as to create a new situation for the development of Shishi textile and garment industry. The picture shows a new type of casual pants being researched and developed by pants enterprises

at the beginning of this month, the Ministry of industry and information technology of the people’s Republic of China issued the guidance on promoting the transfer of textile industry, and the eastern region should position itself in the development of high-end textile and garment manufacturing industry. Shishi dyeing and finishing trade association and Shishi casual pants trade association, which are starting to enter the high-end market strategy at home and abroad, are encouraged by this national policy information

Shishi textile and garment industry has a strong desire to actively develop high-end manufacturing industry. Fujian Province is one of the five major printing and dyeing industry bases in China, and Shishi City is the mainstream of the printing and dyeing industry in Fujian Province. However, the scale of the printing and dyeing industry has developed unconventionally, and the production capacity has been seriously excess. The production capacity of long car continuous printing and dyeing industry is more than 50%. Under the pressure of reality, Shishi dyeing and finishing trade association requires member enterprises to solve this problem by developing high-end fabrics and developing international high-end market

Shishi leisure pants industry once occupied more than 70% of the domestic market, but now it has shrunk to less than 50%. Therefore, Shishi leisure pants trade association decided to adjust the strategic development direction, implement the strategy of expanding the international high-end market, and designated pilot enterprises last year, which has achieved initial success

Shishi textile and garment industry has comparative advantages in developing high-end manufacturing industry. For example, Shishi casual pants industry has entered the era of computer intelligence in terms of technology and equipment. The popularity rate of the first-line production of computer flat cars has reached nearly 100%, while other domestic pants industry bases are still at the electrification level of electric flat cars. Shishi garment industry, with 20 years of industrial civilization precipitation, is beyond the expectation of other emerging garment industry bases in terms of staff quality and R & D ability

Shishi textile and garment industry has successfully started to develop high-end manufacturing industry. 1n the printing and dyeing industry, many enterprises have entered the R & D and production of high-end fabrics in various ways. Shishi Gangyi dyeing, finishing and Weaving Co., Ltd. has shifted its full production capacity to the production of high-end woven fabrics with small batch and various varieties. Shishi Hongli dyeing, weaving and Garment Co., Ltd. has produced 85% of the production capacity of knitted fabrics in the high-end markets of Europe, America, Japan and South Korea. WeiPai, Bertini and mondiku, members of Shishi casual pants, have entered the European Union, the United States and Canada markets. Some casual pants fabrics are more than 100 yuan / m, which is 4-5 times higher than the cost of domestic popular fabrics. The FOB price of some export products is US $15 / piece, which is nearly 50% higher than the price of domestic single factory

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