Shishi textile enterprises actively transform to be the leader of the industry

Wang Songchuan, vice president of Boyi printing and dyeing equipment Co., Ltd., received a phone call from a customer, who ordered three sets of “waste heat recycling and purification equipment for waste gas of setting machine” at one go. After using this new type of equipment, it can save about 150 tons of coal and 67000 kwh of electricity for one shaping machine. There are more than 200 shaping machines in Shishi’s bleaching and dyeing industry. 1f this kind of equipment is used, the benefit will be very considerable. 1t is reported that the upsurge of equipment upgrading, which began to heat up at the end of last year, continues to surge in Shishi, and has now reached a new climax. 1t is reported that this year, Shishi’s investment in updating equipment will once again set a new record, and more than 80% of the investment is to buy high-efficiency, energy-saving and environmental protection equipment

Wang Songchuan said that the equipment was welcomed by Shishi bleaching and dyeing enterprises as soon as it was put on the market. At present, Dingsheng bleaching and dyeing and wanfengsheng bleaching and dyeing have taken the lead in using this new energy-saving equipment, and there are still 89 enterprises with intention” High energy consumption and heavy pollution have long been the pressure and driving force for the transformation of the mode of economic development. After the Copenhagen climate summit at the end of last year, the Chinese government’s attitude towards low-carbon economy has become more clear, and the low-carbon economy of the two sessions this year is also a hot spot. ” Yang Wenfeng, chairman of Dingsheng bleaching and dyeing Co., Ltd., and Qiu Shangguan, general manager of wanfengsheng bleaching and dyeing Co., Ltd., told reporters: “we can’t wait any longer. We should do everything possible to save energy and reduce consumption, and realize the transfer to low-carbon economy. That’s the way for the survival and development of bleaching and dyeing industry.”

changing the mode of economic development has become a new strategy, new main line and new task of China’s economic development, and also a hot topic for Shishi entrepreneurs in recent years. From the important speech of General Secretary Hu Jintao in Fujian to the government work report of the two sessions this year, the contents of accelerating the transformation of economic development mode and adjusting and optimizing economic structure have made Shishi entrepreneurs feel the determination of the government, more clear about the future development direction, and more firm in the confidence of enterprise transformation and upgrading

“to speed up the upgrading and transformation of traditional industries and eliminate backward production capacity and products with high energy consumption, low resource utilization rate, great impact on the environment and pressure are the breakthrough points for Shishi enterprises to change their development mode.” Xu Jianlun, chairman of Derun manufacturing, Hong Huihui, general manager of Fuguiniao clothing, Cai Wenfang, chairman of Fangsheng building materials, and Lin Tianjing, deputy general manager of Fusheng shoes, said: “changing the mode of economic development is a historical experience tempered by the process of world modernization. This historical experience has become the national concept of all countries in the world to promote modernization. The central government’s proposal to accelerate the transformation of the mode of economic development is very timely, which also points out the direction for the future development of our enterprises

“to change the development mode, it is necessary to continuously promote independent innovation, which is the central link of changing the development mode.” Cai midun, general manager of Si Shulang, Chen Lishu, general manager of xinjianuo garment, and Liu Yiqi, general manager of Donglong textile, said: “we should rely on scientific and technological progress to promote the optimization and upgrading of enterprises, build and cultivate our own brands based on independent innovation, and enhance the competitiveness and sustainable development ability of Shishi enterprises through value promotion rather than quantitative expansion.”

“an international financial crisis has given both the world and Shishi a sobering agent.” Cai Jianlei, the chairman of Saiqi clothing, Hong Zhizhi, the chairman of tangmei clothing, and he Xinchen, the managing director of Huamin import and export, said: “accelerating the transformation of China’s economic development mode is not only conducive to keeping up with the pace of the transformation of the world economic development mode, but also related to whether China can gain new advantages in the future competition. 1t’s the same for enterprises. 1f they don’t change the mode of development, they can’t maintain the momentum of development. “

the reporter learned that many Shishi enterprises, such as Jinxing packaging, Aojie hardware, Fusheng shoes, etc., have incorporated structural adjustment, technological innovation, transformation and upgrading into their development strategies. A competition for the commanding height of future development is quietly unfolding among Shishi enterprises. Shishi entrepreneurs say one after another: “we should be the vanguard of changing the development mode.”

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