Shizuishan Power supply provides power transformation equipment with live protective clothing

On May 6, in Yuanyuan 110kV substation of Ningxia Shizuishan Power Supply Company, under the condition of normal live operation of equipment, the operators sprayed PRTV on the live parts of 19 outdoor pillar porcelain bottles of Buyuan line a circuit breaker, current transformer and disconnector one by one to put on “protective clothing” for substation equipment located in heavy industrial pollution area. 1n 2015, Shizuishan company took the lead in carrying out live water flushing in the whole region, and took the lead in carrying out live spraying PRTV in Ningxia

Shizuishan is an industrial city prospered by coal. Most of the chemical industry, ferroalloy and other high capacity and high pollution enterprises are located in Shizuishan, and most of the substations are located in E-class heavily polluted areas. With the application of PRTV on the surface of bus disconnector and bus coupler Bay reaching the service life, if the traditional operation mode of power failure spraying PRTV is selected, the power supply capacity of power grid will be restricted, and the safe and reliable power supply and consumption of regional important users will be affected. 1f the PRTV with charged spraying is adopted, the charged water washing can be carried out first to remove the dirt on the surface of the porcelain bottle without power failure, and then the antifouling material can be sprayed within a certain safe distance, so as to improve the antifouling ability of the equipment and enhance the hydrophobicity coefficient, and the whole process does not need power failure. 1n order to ensure the smooth implementation of the live spraying operation, Shizuishan company organized relevant personnel to carefully investigate the site, carry out salt dense, ash dense, water quality detection, analyze the dangerous points, and formulate a detailed operation plan, so as to ensure the smooth progress of the operation

subsequently, Shizuishan company will reserve the painting projects of Fuxiang, Chaohu, Taole, Danan and other eight substations to the project reserve in 2018, and plans to complete 4 groups of 220 kV circuit breakers, 80 groups of 220 kV disconnectors, 8 groups of 110 kV circuit breakers, and 139 groups of 110 kV disconnectors, so as to ensure the healthy and safe operation of substation equipment

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