Shocked! How much gas do you inhale every day!

ten miles of fog and haze, two vast, foggy days, people crazy. Thousands of miles of fog, no place to talk desolate. Even if meet should not know, dust, such as dross. Driving home from work, looking at the window, it’s dirty. There is nothing but tears. Expect base friends meet, speechless, eyes desolate. 1n recent years, “haze” has become a hot topic, and the Chinese name of “PM2.5” has been ridiculed by the majority of netizens as serving the people! 1 often wake up one morning, pull the curtain and think 1’m blind

(Tiananmen Square in Beijing under the haze)

it is a heavy and long-term task to control the haze. We can’t let the Allah magic lamp come out and recite a mantra to let the king of haze leave Wuli’s beautiful motherland. And London, the “fog capital” thousands of kilometers away from us, has done a good job in controlling haze

(foggy city – London)

in those days, London was full of purple drops, continuous rain, hazy air, holding up an umbrella, and pressing the road with a loved one… 1t’s so romantic to think of, but the serious pollution of haze behind it is a capital evil scenery

(London under the attack of haze)

after a series of iron handed policies of the London government, today’s London has become a “green garden city” and ranked first among the cities attracting the most tourists in the world

(now London is beautiful, fascinating and effective in haze control)

the beautiful motherland has also become a victim of haze

in recent years, Wuli’s beautiful motherland has also suffered the most serious environmental pollution, which is shocking for its long time, wide range and heavy impact. 1n particular, Beijing and other cities have repeatedly issued red warnings. The topic of haze pollution in China has attracted the attention of the whole country and even the world

(the fairyland Beach)

after the haze incident, the mask has become an umbrella like necessities of life. Even lovers have to wear masks on their dates. What should we pay attention to when choosing masks

1. This year, the state has issued a new standard “GB / t32610-2016 technical specification for daily protective masks”. Generally speaking, haze prevention masks have national standards2. Filter material. The key is whether the mask is good or not

all the neglected little things in life are related to haze. China has a large population. Saving a drop of water per person, driving less than one day, wasting less paper and planting more than one tree will greatly improve the air quality

do the following four things well and strive for a better tomorrow

1. Green Travel – short distance travel, try to choose public transportation or carpooling, sometimes riding a bicycle can also play a fitness effect

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