Shoe enterprises explore new ways of brand network communication

in recent years, with the maturity of Chinese shoes and clothing enterprises and related marketing techniques, the 1nternet has become an indispensable promotion channel. As the fourth media after the three traditional media of newspaper, radio and television, network media is increasingly valued by enterprises. When many brands compete for traditional media resources such as TV, many leading enterprises have opened new ways of brand network communication< On May 20, Anta sporting goods Co., Ltd. and sina.com reached a strategic partnership. The two sides jointly set up "Sina Anta Chinese Legion channel". 1n addition, Anta will cooperate with sina.com in marketing promotion, sports competition cooperation and other aspects to build the strongest sports marketing alliance in China and achieve closer cooperation in unique resources. Through brand network promotion, Anta sports once again successfully launched a strong attack in the field of sports events before Anta, brand internet promotion has attracted the attention of enterprises such as Delphi and Tebu. Delphi and Tencent reach a cooperation, and Delphi brand name Tencent Entertainment Channel, and in-depth cooperation in brand building, network promotion and other aspects, with the help of QQ platform resources to attract young people’s attention and attention, cooperate with traditional brand promotion channels, and improve brand promotion strategy in an all-round way. Tebu company joined hands with Sohu, named Sohu Entertainment Channel by Tebu brand. The two sides carried out in-depth cooperation in brand building and network promotion from 2010 to 2012 it is gratifying that although many enterprises in Quanzhou, Fujian started late, they have taken a solid first step in brand network promotion. Kuangbu, a new brand of cloth shoes, reached a brand promotion cooperation with global shoes, a professional portal of shoe industry, at its just concluded new product ordering meeting. With the help of the strong influence of global shoe network in the industry, the brand building work is carried out in an all-round way recently, Fick, a children’s shoe company, is also a leader in brand promotion with the help of 1nternet. Feike children’s shoes, which strives for differentiated development, launched the children’s star selection activity in 2009 and has developed to the second year. The competition aims to provide a stage for children to realize their dreams through unique child star selection activities. 1n order to achieve better promotion purposes, Fick children’s shoes designated global shoes network as the network support media of the competition, and the global shoes network will report the whole competition. According to the different positioning and development direction of the brand, the cooperation between shoe and clothing enterprises and the 1nternet also presents the characteristics of diversity and flexibility. Professional brand network promotion is becoming one of the driving forces to promote the development of China’s footwear industry in the future. Compared with traditional media, what are the advantages of network media? The author thinks that in addition to the “generality” of the three traditional media, the network media also has the characteristics of timeliness, massive news information, wide coverage and strong interaction. Not only that, in the brand promotion, 1nternet media also play an unparalleled advantage taking the network marketing strategy of Fick children’s shoes as an example, through the cooperation with global shoe network, we not only found an excellent publicity platform for children’s star selection activities, but also consolidated and upgraded the brand construction of the enterprise with the help of the advantageous resources of global shoe network. On the global shoes website, Fick brand has an exclusive brand display window, including brand overview, brand dynamics, terminal image, product display and other information. The brand is displayed in an all-round way 365 days * 24 hours without time and regional restrictions, so that the audience can fully understand the brand information. At the same time, with the help of professional network media, Fick children’s shoes have achieved good results in brand investment and channel improvement. Today’s Fick children’s shoes are showing its strong brand vitality, and its development mode is widely concerned by the industry nowadays, China has more than 400 million 1nternet users, and the 1nternet has become an important part of our life. The 1nternet is profoundly affecting and changing our work, study and life. 1n the boundless network ocean of Guangbao, we see the vitality and development opportunity of Chinese shoes and clothing enterprises. The marketing promotion based on network is helping enterprises to grasp the needs of users more deeply, and have a more timely insight into market changes, so as to cover a wider range of user groups

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