Shoe enterprises pay attention to consumer psychology in advertising

advertising is a process of attracting consumers’ attention to products. Leo Burnett, an American advertising expert, once proposed that only by occupying the mind can we occupy the market. 1n other words, only by occupying consumers’ minds can businesses arouse consumers’ desire to buy their own products. And a good advertisement is able to grasp the psychological characteristics and laws of consumers, and produce a resonance with these characteristics and laws through their own creativity. Such advertising can produce a strong impact, and then move consumers and arouse their desire to buy

before liberation, an old shoe store in Nanjing, Heming shoe store, was a time-honored brand, but no one paid attention to it. Later, the boss got inspiration from the marketing behavior of advertising in many shops and famous brand stores, and also wanted to make publicity for his own shoe store through advertising. When the boss was thinking about how to make an advertisement that moved consumers, Mr. accountant offered a plan to the boss: “business competition is the same as war. You have to pay attention to strategy. As long as you are willing to spend money to advertise in the biggest newspaper in the city for three days, the problem will be solved. On the first day, there was only a big question mark and a small line below: for more information, please refer to the Japanese newspaper of Ming Dynasty. The next day is the same as before. When the mystery is solved on the third day, the advertisement says, “three people’s line must have my teacher, three people’s line must have my shoes – Heming shoes.”

the boss acted according to the plan. As a result, as soon as the advertisement came out, it attracted a large number of readers. Heming shoe store became a household name overnight, and its business was booming day by day. Shoe store owners have many feelings: advertising should not only deepen readers’ impression of advertising, but also master readers’ psychology of seeking knowledge

apart from advertising, providing differentiated products is also an important way to occupy the minds of consumers. The former is to publicize existing products, while the latter is to create products that are not available. 1f they want to succeed, they should first occupy the minds of consumers. As for how to attract more people, Mr. accountant has his own ingenuity. He took advantage of people’s special concern for suspense, which made you suddenly realize. Although the advertisement is simple, it dares to be innovative and break through the traditional ideas, so it has achieved great success

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