Shoe enterprises raise prices to resolve the crisis of rising costs

the rising costs of raw materials and labor force make shoe enterprises have to consider price increase. Recently, at the 108th Canton Fair, known as the “export barometer”, the reporter found that many export enterprises have solved the dual pressure of RMB appreciation and rising costs by increasing quotations, replacing new materials and increasing new products

some experts have analyzed the export status of footwear products, saying that enterprises with single products and lack of bargaining power will be gradually eliminated, and “products with unique design and more personality will win more customers’ favor.” The person in charge of a foreign trade shoe enterprise in Quanzhou told reporters

“compared with the sharp price adjustment of clothing, the price adjustment rate of Quanzhou shoe enterprises at this Canton Fair is not high, with an increase rate of about 15%.” Manager Lin said that it is particularly important for trading companies to find out the specific needs of consumer groups. 1n order to meet the market needs of overseas regions, the company’s designers conduct analysis and Research on the global market every once in a while, collect the preferences of mainstream consumer groups in different markets, use the collected information to design products, and then place orders to factories, “to adapt to the rapid changes in the market, Companies need to be more discerning. “

“this year, many participating shoe enterprises pay more attention to the details of shoes. Shoes are not only more resilient, more durable, but also more comfortable.” Manager Lin of a foreign trade company in Quanzhou, who has participated in many sessions of the Canton Fair, told reporters that during the exhibition this year, he found that a shoe exhibitor had put out many styles and series of products such as sandals, slippers and dance shoes, and the more abundant choice space attracted many foreign buyers to stop

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