Shoe exports gradually pick up to boost polyurethane demand

polyurethane and silicone are widely used. Although there is a rebound in demand, their prosperity is still low. These two sub industries are expected to grow rapidly in 2010

as far as polyurethane is concerned, its downstream products are mainly automobiles, household appliances, textiles and footwear, and real estate. 1n 2010, in addition to household appliances, automobiles and real estate will continue to drive demand, with the gradual recovery of shoes and textile exports, the pulling effect will increase

in the polyurethane industry, pure MD1 is mainly used in the production of spandex, sole and size, etc. it is expected that with the gradual recovery of export, there will be further recovery; The polymerized MD1 is mainly used in the production of hard foam, thermal insulation and other fields. At present, driven by the growth of demand driven by home appliances, the price rises. 1t is expected that the demand in this aspect will still maintain a high level in 2010. Another potential field is building energy conservation

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