Shoe market starts marketing war in autumn

recently, in the brand shoe cabinets of major shopping malls, all the shoes are sold together in the four seasons of the year” Sandals and autumn shoes are on the shelves at the same time. Some of the boots on the counter are old models of previous years, which are discounted, but some are new models of this year. Although the season hasn’t changed yet, these autumn shoes are still popular with consumers, and the price is moderate. They can sell several pairs a day. ” A shoe counter sales staff

with the change of temperature, autumn shoes began to occupy the major counters and shelves, causing widespread concern of customers. Naturally, many shoe-making enterprises will not miss this good opportunity of annual sales sprint, adjusting the industrial structure one after another and introducing various preferential promotion measures to change the growth mode

“it’s not cost-effective to buy sandals now, but boots can be worn from autumn to the next spring, and the wearing time is much longer than sandals.” A customer who is shopping said. Visible, businesses in order to seize business opportunities, the new autumn shoes and winter boots all put out sales, for the autumn sales performance provides a strong guarantee

in response to this phenomenon, industry insiders said, “price is the” lever “of the best-selling shoes and clothing market in the next season. Through the” lever principle “, businesses can control the sales of goods. Out of the pursuit of low price and good quality, most consumers are eager to get the discount promotion of those products with brand guarantee, and they can get some psychological balance at the same time. Therefore, if shoes and clothing also want to launch the first shot of autumn marketing, it mainly focuses on reducing prices

price is the sensitive point of consumption. 1n many cases, price often dominates the survival and death of brand shoes. 1n fact, seasonal discount is to win more choices for consumers, and consumers will feel the real benefits. 1f this kind of seasonal discount method is implemented properly, it will win more benefits for shoe manufacturers

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