Shoe repair workshop should also pay attention to labor protection

An old neighbor of his hometown came to the city to visit his daughter, Xiaozhen, who worked in a shoe factory. After graduating from middle school, Xiaozhen followed her fellow countrymen to work in the city. She had been away from home for several months, and her parents were not at ease, so they came to see her. According to the address provided by the neighbors, 1 took them around the corner and went to great trouble to find a small shoe factory at the junction of urban and rural areas. 1t’s a shoe factory. 1t’s actually a big workshop. Hundreds of workers are crowded in a simple big workshop. The door of the workshop is closed, the windows can’t be opened, and there is no ventilation equipment. 1t’s full of dust and the smell of glue is pungent. Xiaozhen, who is busy inside, doesn’t wear a mask, and most of the workers around don’t do any labor protection

we are worried about the working environment of small shoe factories. We are even more worried about the substandard shoemaking materials that children contact. 1n the past, it is bound to threaten our health. After several contacts, we sent Xiaozhen to a vocational school to learn western point production, and finally left the shoemaking factory with a bad environment

the working environment of shoe factories is worrying, and shoe repair workshops lack labor protection. There is an open-air shoe repair shop opposite our unit, which is very popular. Master Wang, who repairs shoes, has good craftsmanship and low fees. People who repair shoes often wait in line. Master Wang has been working in the open air on the street for many years. There was a lot of noise on the road. The repaired shoes were put aside, and soon they were covered with dust. 1n order to reduce the cost, the cheap glue used is also very smelly. Master Wang has been busy from morning to night and has not worn a mask for many years. He is really worried about his health

there is a leather shoes beauty shop not far away. 1t is a chain store with good service, good reputation and good business. When the season changes, my leather clothes and boots are repaired and taken care of. The store is not big, the shelves for shoes are all over the place, there are many shoes, the space is small, and the room is filled with the smell of leather materials and nursing supplies. The boss and employees are very busy, and no one ever wears protective equipment

although shoemaking and shoemaking are insignificant, they are indispensable in people’s life. Due to the fierce market competition, small shoe workshops survive in the cracks. 1n order to reduce costs, coupled with the lack of supervision, the operating environment and materials used are seriously substandard, and the awareness of labor protection is weak. The current situation of micro shoe industry is not conducive to environmental protection and threatens the health of employees. We hope to be alert in advance to avoid serious consequences

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