Shoe treatment for gastrointestinal disorders

if you don’t eat clean and eat irregularly, your intestines and stomach will suffer. Few people know that the quality of the stomach is closely related to what kind of shoes to wear. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the foot is the second heart of the human body, and the health of the foot affects the health of the human body. As multiple plantar acupoints are connected with multiple internal organs, different styles of shoes may stimulate plantar acupoints and have certain stimulation and influence on gastrointestinal tract. So for people with bad stomach, we should pay more attention to the style and comfort of shoes. 1f the impact and damage to the sole of the foot is too large, it will affect the normal progress of gastrointestinal function. Therefore, fashionable high-heeled shoes are the “enemy” of gastrointestinal tract

experts suggest that if women have a bad stomach, they’d better choose slope heel shoes, and the heel is about 2-3cm

the inner side of the forefoot is the massage reflex area of the stomach. This height forms a proper arc with the arch of the foot, so that the stress point is controlled in the inner side of the forefoot, so that the surrounding acupoints can be properly massaged. Often wear this kind of high slope heel shoes, to a certain extent, can protect the stomach, relieve stomach discomfort

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