Shoes and clothing and other intensive enterprises have their own skills in recruitment

the job fair has attracted many job seekers

lack of work after the festival! This is the first impression of Nanning ASEAN Economic Development Zone at the spring recruitment fair. On the morning of February 10, the launching ceremony of Nanning 2011 “spring breeze action” special activity and the spring recruitment fair of Nanning ASEAN Economic Development Zone were held in the development zone. Dozens of labor-intensive enterprises in the Development Zone gathered to “grab people” and offer attractive treatment, making many farmers who are not ready to work in Guangdong hesitant: should they stay

the labor-intensive enterprises such as shoes, clothing, furniture, electronics, etc., which have just entered this development zone, are just like the ones that just started in Guangdong in those years, frantically recruiting all the young labor force they need. 76 entry enterprises provide more than 6000 jobs, of which 80% are general workers

the first large-scale job fair held in Nanning after the festival not only showed the lack of workers incisively and vividly, but also highlighted a structural contradiction, and caused people’s reflection: with the rise of Guangxi ASEAN economy and the gradual acceptance of the eastern industrial transfer, many labor-intensive enterprises gather in Guangxi. 1f Guangxi migrant workers still go to Guangdong, How can Guangxi support the development of these enterprises

shoe factory recruitment is better than room and board

“please sit here and have a cup of tea first.” Liang Yan of Wuming and several sisters who worked in Guangdong together were startled by the considerate service of a shoe factory as soon as they entered the job fair: the recruiter poured a cup of tea for them with a smile and asked them to wait for an interview” 1t’s interesting” Liang Yan said that in the past, 1 would be thankful if 1 didn’t have a bad face when 1 was looking for a job

this wholly foreign-owned enterprise named “Nanning Nanxi shoes” was officially put into operation in the Development Zone in May 2010. When it is completed, the total number of employees will reach 7000. Along with it, there are two other big shoe factories in the Development Zone: Guanquan shoes and Maisi shoes. The backgrounds of the three are very similar. They are all Taiwan funded enterprises. They used to have shoe factories in Guangdong and Shanghai, and they started to set up factories in Guangxi when they encouraged the industrial transfer in eastern China in 2008

on that day, the three shoe factories alone offered 4500 jobs, including workshop cadres, clerks and general workshop workers, among which general workshop workers were the most in demand. The recruiter explained: “a shoe looks small, but there are so many manual operations that a large number of general workers are needed.”

a large number of shoe factory recruiters were sent to the crowd to send out leaflets, and they took the trouble to explain the advantages of working in the factory for past candidates. Some shoe factories even put the signboard in the middle of the road, and the salary on the signboard is specific to the diet that the workers enjoy every day when they enter the factory — providing three dishes and one soup (holidays, meals at the end of each month), and distributing fruits every week

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