Shoes and clothing industry integration has become the general trend

during the Dragon Boat Festival, entrepreneurs of pengtian sports and leisure clothing industry base in Lingxiu town of Shishi City frequently contacted entrepreneurs of Changfu leisure shoes industry base in Hubin office to discuss the deep docking and cooperation between clothing and shoes industry in the era of shoes and clothing integration

when Jinjiang’s big brand shoe enterprises exert their capacity advantages to the limit, they begin to encroach on the clothing industry. The shoes and clothing integration strategy of Jinjiang’s big brand shoe enterprises has achieved great success, with 60% of the annual profits coming from clothing rather than sports shoes

this year, Shishi, a famous sportswear company, hired designers from a major international shoe company with an annual salary of 500000 yuan to enter the sports and leisure shoes industry with a high profile, hoping to show their talents in the new field of shoes industry

the new trend of shoes and clothing integration is mighty. Both Jinjiang shoes enterprises and Shishi clothing enterprises are following the historical trend, entering and infiltrating each other’s strong fields. From the effect comparison, Jinjiang enterprises have been ahead of others, but Shishi enterprises have also begun to catch up

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